When you need to go long.
  • Used lens firmware 02
  • I shoot in crop mode on my a7riii most of the time so this lens was more like 600mm rather than the 400mm. When shooting at 600mm I needed a better tripod.
  • I have a problem in crop mode at 400mm in wind
  • OSS seemed to be similar to my 70-200mm f2.8 from Sony
  • I like the focus ring better on my 70-200 the 100-400 feels like it spins too easily.
  • It doesn’t seem heavy, especially compared to my 70-200. 1395g vs 1480g for 70-200 f2.8
  • AF seems reliable, even in lower light, but I didn’t try in really dark situations
  • It seems sharp in my 4k videos and my 42MP stills, no disappointment there. In all the reviews I read no one complained about sharpness (except one person)
  • Shoot at sunset I did have to push the ISO a bit so it that could be an issue for like indoor sports with the slow f stop, but if you want faster you are going $12k
  • Bokeh seems nice, similar to the 70-200mm
  • Read all the reviews on B&H, I saw several people saying they had to return for repairs. It seems like solid build construction
  • It is a lot of money for what I shoot, perhaps I would rent it when I need it for a weekend for $50


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