I compare very inexpensive small LED light panels to expensive ones.

I have really been in the need to a small 150 LED light that I can take anywhere. So I decided to compare 2 different brands one expensive and one inexpensive.

These lights have so many uses, I even used one of them to fix my kitchen sink. I am not so much interested in using this as a key light, I am not interested in using it for accent lights, hair light for 3/4 back fill light, you name it, they have a ton of uses.

In testing the two, I have found a clear winner. Konova Ledgo CN-B150 vs. Lite Panel MicroPro.


Both are equal in regards to construction, both are made out of light weight plastic and wouldn’t survive a 4 foot drop on concrete. In fact I am not sure either of them would last a few years of constant use before breaking.

For instance here is a review from someone line that had been using it for while:

…but it’s cheaply made plastic. I have to tape the base because it bent and you can’t buy replacement parts.

I was kind of expecting a metal case from the Lite Panel because of the huge price difference and the pro in the name. To me if you put pro on something it needs to take the abuse. The Lite Panel is $390 and the Konova is only $130.

When unboxing the Lite Panel I noticed this warning note saying if I installed the batteries wrong and kill that it is my fault, I was kind of taken back when I read this because this is a sure sign that the circuit design is not well thought out and has no fault protection built in.

The next thing that really disappointed me about the Lite Panel was the light level control. As you can see the first half the travel on theĀ potentiometer does absolutely nothing and all the action occurs in the last quarter turn, this is not the case with the Konova. If I didn’t know better the person designing the circuitry for this biff this one, and is totally using the wrong type of potentiometer. My guess is they are using a logarithmic pot instead of a linear one.

I kinda light the Lite Panel mount on the Lite Panel better than the Konova.

Light Output

In my tests the Konova Ledgo CN-B150 is slightly brighter than the Lite Panel and is more directional in terms of the light pattern.

Quality of Light

Since both do not publish their CRI number I emailed each manufacturer. Konova told me that is at 80 CRI. Michele over at Lite Panels told me the CRI for there panel is approx 85%. I am not sure why Michelle gave me the CRI number as a percentage.

In my test I could not tell the difference between the two lights in terms of how they reproduce the colors, however up against a halogen with a CRI of 100 I could see some difference, but it was not much.

Battery Life

The Lite Panel fails again on it circuitry design, when each battery falls below 1.2 volts the panel starts to flicker. The Konova does not do this at all when when it drops below this voltage. I thought Lite Panels were the leader for all this LED technology, why is this thing so poorly designed?

The Konova has a nice battery tester while the Lite Panel does not.


I have very little experience with gels, I am not even sure what CTO or CTB means. Perhaps color temp orange or blue?

In this first test I set my T2i to it’s generic Daylight white balance setting and as you can see here Konova has a green bias compared to the Lite Panel, perhaps the Konova is using cheaper LED’s that are more efficent in the green specrum light, similar to florscents are.

Next I put in their orange gels and I set the white balance to the generic tungston setting. Looks like the Konova loses here with even more green tint.

Since the Lite Panel has to CTO gels I used the lighter one here.

I am not sure this matters to much since the gels themselves might be the issue and not the light since I can buy better gels for the Konova.


The last test I did was to look for banding issues like you get with florescent lights but I went all the way from 30th to 800th of a second on the shutter and did not see any banding for either light which is good.


Give the cheap construction of these lights that might only last for a few years before breaking so for me the clear winner is the Konova, the Lite Panel has too many issues and comes in at an insane price.

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Ledgo 150 led light konova
Ledgo 150 led light


  • @Otavio I think that was the one I requested two months ago but Aputure never sent one even though they said they did twice. I tried, sorry I never got it in to review.

  • Thanks Dave.

    Can you help me resolve one thing that is always annoying me with these reviews?

    Nobody measures the light output.
    Could you do a comparison for me with your light meter if you still have it?
    Measure the output at 1m on 1/50th a second or similar setting.

    I see these lights in use all around, yet when I have actually tried to light with one when I was assisting, the light was poor. I wasn’t even getting f2.8 at 1m on 800ISO.

    Thanks for the constant source of useful information!

  • Good review. I bought the more expensive LED panels as I had heard the cheaper ones have a green tint, but you are right, you can get rid of this with gels and save a some cash.

  • I have the MicroPro and I agree with everything you said. It is the cheapest, tackiest plastic I have ever seen – and found myself checking the price again online because I couldn’t believe I’d paid that for it… The light IS good though. I use it on a magic arm / hot shoe mount, what stand do you use Dave?


  • We used the Opteka VL-120 ($75.00) on documentary set, then I took it into the field when covering politics the last few months. Anytime I am indoors now, I almost always have one on. It can really get rid of shadows well, especially if you are not able to set lighting up in the area and are just going with what is there.

    The panel inserts that come with it, will help match most situations, gels can be attached with a binder clip.

  • Nice review Dave. Another plus for the Konova is that they can be “stacked” with more Konova lights – note the slots all around the unit. The Lite Panels don’t have them. So for the price of one Lite Panel, you can make a big, powerful Konova rig.

  • Hey Dave,

    Thanks, Ive been wanting to get one!

    Did you try swapping the gels from each light panel to see if the same green tint showed?


  • CTB: Correct to blue – used to correct the amber/gold look of tungsten lights at 3000K or less to a more natural light color. So the gels look blue.

    CTO: Correct to orange – used to correct to the orange amber looking color of some LEDs or arc lamp sources in light fixtures that have a color temperature of 5000K or more. In this case the gels look orange.

    Some popular color correction gels come from Roscolux, Times Square Lighting and Lee, though usually used for HPL source-four stage lights and par cans you can easily use these gels to correct or create a unique look for your video lighting.

  • Thank you for this video Doug! I’ve been shooting some grainy video lately with my Canon T3I and I realized it’s because of my lighting. I bought one of the cheaper LEDs because that’s all I could really afford. I wondered whether they worked as well and you gave me confirmation that the inexpensive ones will work just fine šŸ™‚

  • This is an interesting comparison and a good case study into how fast technology changes.

    @Dave — have you seen or read about the F&V R-300 Ring Light? It’s only $200 and is noted as being more powerful than a LitePanel 1×1.