First RAW DSLR Video Camera in 12 Months

What do you think of my prediction?


I haven’t made any predictions on this site because I haven’t been around long enough in this industry to make predictions based off lots of experience. But what the heck I going to make my first prediction.

I will predict in 12 months to 18 months we will see our first DSLR camera announcement that will shoot video in a RAW format. In order for this to happen the camera manufacturers have to be working on concept cameras for this right now. I have a feeling at least Canon got a wake up call this spring when Black Magic announced their RAW camera (not a DSLR) for only $3k. I bet you that Canon had spies within Nikon, and Nikon has spies within Canon as well (just look at the same day announcement of the entry level full frame cameras). But Canon or Nikon didn’t have spies at Black Magic and I bet Canon/Nikon were stunned by the announcement.

Canon has had a lead in DSLR video for sometime since the 5D Mark II, and I would argue that Nikon has finally caught up with the Nikon D800, I bet Canon wants to stay ahead of that curve and ever since the Black Magic announcement has been working hard on a prototype or a concept camera.

Canon has reached out to me in the past but I have no inside knowledge about this at all, in fact I will predict that Canon will not be the first to announce a camera like this. I don’t think it will be Nikon first either. It will come from either Sony or Sigma (yes Sigma makes cameras). But my bet is on Sony since they seem the underdog in the DSLR market and don’t mind being disruptive right now. Canon I bet is working on it right now, and they are very conservative when it comes to cannibalizing on their higher end cameras.

SSD inside the Camera?

With all the RAW info flying off the sensor how will it captured? To be honest I have no idea. But one thing they could do is record the SD or CF cards for very short videos, and then offer a “battery grip” type attachment below the camera that could house an SSD or additional storage.


If Canon made it I am sure they would want a premium price which would be about the price of their 1DX at close to $7k. If it came in at that price it would drive more people to the Black Magic camera. I think it should come in around $4,500 to really sell well.

What If I am Right?

So if I’m right and a new DSLR camera from Sony that shoots RAW video gets announced between Nov 2013 to May 2014, what do I get? Ah, it would be nice if Sony gave me one for free! (not going to happen)

Why Not Buy The BMCC Now?

You might be asking why not just buy the BMCC now? One of the things I love about DSLR’s is you can take awesome pictures and awesome video in a nice small package, the BMCC is basically just a video camera, not something you would use on a fashion shoot or a sporting event.

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