Still looking!

Two monitors to perhaps avoid:

  1. NEC PA242W-BK 24″
  2. BenQ PG2401PT 24.1″

The best one I have tested so far (just has an off axis issue)

I am looking for:

  • 1080 or 1200 resolution (not 4K)
  • 10-bit for HDMI or SDI (true not some 8-bit made to look like 10bit)
  • around a 24″ size
  • Easy to calibrate with good LUT support
  • Less than $2,000

Warning, I am not a professional colorist so my conclusions could be very wrong. Just sharing my experiences.


  • Hi Dave,
    I have had my NEC PA 272w hooked up to my BMD minimonitor for several months. I had problems at first, because the NEC seems to be finicky about the signal it gets. But I got it working by going into the BlackMagic Desktop Video Utility and changing the output to “1080p24”. It works with Resolve and Premiere.

    I’m not sure I would recommend the PA 272w for a grading monitor. It’s resolution is 2560×1440, so to display 1080p, it is either letterboxed all around, or the image is scaled up (non-native). The minimonitor doesn’t support the native resolution. The calibration works well, the colors seem quite accurate, and I am grading with it OK, but only marginally satisfied.

  • We are using the LG 31MU97-B for resolve and it works pretty good. It´s pretty cheap if you buy the older Version without Thunderbolt and you can calibrate it.