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This site is about me learning as I go, and sharing my mistakes and my successes with everyone else. When I compare myself to Roger Deakins (Skyfall, Shawshank Redemption) I consider myself as an advanced amateur.

When I learn something new with my camera I will create a short video and share it with others. This site is for people like myself who love these small cameras and want to create amazing images with them.

Many of the great DP’s say the same thing, they all enjoy learning and still have much to learn. For these DP’s that have been shooting movies for decades to say that, then I know I will always be learning. I try to stay humble, and this is the reason why I called this site Learning DSLR Video, because no matter how good I get, I’ll always be learning.

Night Drive from Sea Level to 10k Feet for One Photo

Remember this is a journey, not a destination.”  That saying is true for me. Watch the video of how I made the photo above. If you’re just getting started and your frustrated that you’re not getting better quickly, just remember to enjoy the journey.

Natalie Brown Shoot Broll - in the frame

This site is about ‘head-down’ meaty tutorials/reviews on how to use your DSLR or mirrorless camera for video. I don’t plan on covering camera news.

I post most of my Videos on Vimeo, but I also post them on YouTube. While I wouldn’t call myself a YouTube star, my videos are viewed over 400k times a month.

I have been making videos primarily for the internet since October 2006. I got my first mini DV tape camcorder in March of 2003, and then in February 2008 I picked up one of the first HD camcorders, and in March 2010 I got the Canon T2i and in the summer of 2014 I picked up two mirorless cameras (Sony a7S and Panasonic GH4).  I’m totally self taught when it comes to video. I went to the University of Miami in Florida and my background is in audio engineering.

Paid Client Work?

I am probably making at least one short video a week, if I don’t I feel somewhat empty inside from not creating anything.  While I love creating videos either for YouTube or my family, I don’t do any paid client work. If I see a story that I would like to tell I will usually do that project for free in exchange for them letting me use the material in my courses. Since I am doing the project for free I get total creative control which is very nice.

First SLR Camera

This picture of me below is from my cruise ship days before my hair turned grey. My hair starting going grey at age 16. I used to run sound for the production shows on ships like the SS Norway or the Royal Viking Star. I had a total blast working on the cruise ships after I finished up at University of Miami.

It was a really nice camera (Minolta XG1) and created some nice DOF, but I had no idea how to use it. It got stolen one night when I left it in the sound booth on the SS Norway.

As you can see I didn’t know how to focus on a mirror back then.

Minolta XG1 When I Worked on the SS Norway 1988

I Used to be an Audio Guy

I was an audio guy for a long time. I used to design sound systems for airports, arenas, football stadiums, concert hall all over the United States.  Here I am testing out a system at the sound booth for an arena I designed.

ADG Work 1989-2002 Photos

Ethics Statement:

This is the somewhat boring section where I tell you about how I may or may not make money from my site.

I try to be as objective as I can be, but I am not a trained journalist by any means.

I don’t accept any money or free camera products or anything else of value from the things I write about here.  If I do, I will put a disclaimer on the top of each post. I do have an affiliate partnership with B&H Photo, if you buy something from them it will help support this site and will not cost you anything extra. B&H doesn’t tell me what to review or tell me what to say. I think I explain all of this pretty well in my Gear Disclosure Video at the bottom of my Gear Page.

The bottom line is my readers are very important to me. I want them to know I have their best interest at heart.

Sennheiser G3 Sony UWP Shure FP Azden ENG Wireless Mic Shootout

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Dave Checking out the Perseid Meteor Shower at 10,000 feet

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