8 Point garbage matte.

OK I did a tutorial on this before about a year ago and I it was pretty much a failure, I got a number of thumbs down on YouTube which I desired.

But I have a new method I would share with you using a Eight-Point Garbage Matte.

720 Eight-Point Garbage Matte Settings

1080 Eight-Point Garbage Matte Settings

Update on this one: Tony Hickey found a problem with the 1080 one that I posted so here is his version.



  • Letter boxing cues viewers that what they’re about to see is a film not a home video.

    Great way to do that.

  • Is it not possible to add crop marks when you export? When exporting from final cut with apple compressor, you can select crop marks of various aspect ratios. I’m sure adobe must have a similar feature.

  • I guess you could also just use garbage matte directly on the main video asset (or entire final sequence), as long as you have nothing below it on the timeline it will cut out the top and bottom without the need for black video asset below. Not that it makes much difference, except saving you one action in your production 🙂

    As always, good ideas from you Dave!

    NB: I still like the title-based letterbox, because it’s an actual asset on the timeline and you can adjust it more easily (not that you would in a normal film). My way of avoiding missing pixels is just stretching the black boxes way over and around the edges of the frame.

  • Hey Dave,

    Just for fun, ever tried the Arri frame-line composer? The Arri Alexa camera allows you to download custom framelines to drop in electronically to your camera’s view finder. We can’t use it much for DSLRs (yet) but you can use it in Premiere. Download it free off the tools section on the Arri website. Helps you check your mattes to make sure they line up – plus you know it’s exactly correct by cinema standards (1.85, 2.35, 2.40, etc.) Send me a msg if you want more detailed instructions.

  • Hey Dave,

    I just tried out the Tony Hickey updated 1080p garbage matte, and found it to be totally opposite of letter boxing. On my premiere pro, it made the center black, and what was suppose to be black (top and bottom portion of the screen) is now video. Do you have the image of your original settings for 1080p before the update? I’d greatly appreciate it.

  • Hi Dave,

    I watched your video about this and tried 8 point garbage matt. First
    i rotate my image slightly (trying to straighten doorway shot at weird
    angle) and then i increased the scale slightly to fill the void areas
    that rotating created but when I start applying 8 point garbage matt
    it seems to adhere to the angle of rotation. I don’t want that; i want
    it to remain horizontal. i am working in final cut express 4. any
    pointers greatly appreciated.