Contact me at if you are interested in advertising on this site.

Banner Advertising

We currently offer graphical banner advertising opportunities located on the right sidebar of the page just below “Bonus Video” signup area. The banner ads automatically rotate position. We currently have a limit of 8 sponsors. To see how many are left just count the number of ads on the sidebar, you might see one advertising my courses that one does not count and is available.

Banner Requirements:

  • 125×125 pixel banner
  • 10K file size limit
  • Your graphic must be hosted by us
  • No animation (gif) or Flash ads
  • Graphic linked to your landing page (nofollowed)
  • Only from companies that sell products which are of genuine interest to my audience.

Banner Duration:

A minimum three-month (90 days) duration, pre-paid.

Banner Pricing:

$100 per month.

Banner Ad Changes:

Up to 3 changes (link to new page or image replacement) to the banner ad are allowed during the 3 month duration.

Paid Reviews? Sorry no.

Sorry I don’t not offer paid reviews.

Review My Product If I Advertise? Sorry no.

Having a banner ad on my site does not give you special treatment on what I review. I only review items that I am interested in or I am thinking of buying myself. I like to distance myself from the manufacturers and receive review units from B&H Photo so I am not returning a unit and a bad review to a manufacturer, which can be awkward.

Target Your Ads to my Site or YouTube Channel

If you don’t want to run a banner ad on my site, another way to advertise is to target my site with your Google AdWords account, your ad will then appear within my AdSense blocks. I have setup my account so you can see impressions per day and CPM data for each ad block I have setup on my site.

Also you can target your ads on my YouTube channel.