I got to help out a local ad agency.

I got to help out a local ad agency with a product shot using my DIY slider for their demo reel.

I asked them if it was OK if I could post some BTS footage (taken with my iPhone) and they said yes, so I thought I would share a quick video.

The track needed to be way longer than my slider so I got some wood and made a quick elevated surface. I am using some Impact Light Stands that I am review and Aputure Amaran LED that I am also reviewing, I also borrowed a Canon 16-35 wide angle lens as well from someone at the ad agency.

Royalty free music by PremiumBeat.com

Products Used In This Video

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impact light stands
Impact Light Stands


  • Nice idea!
    I had the idea of buying a small dolly an a pair of tracks (probably something with metal) instead of a slider.
    great job!

  • Hi Dave.

    Great to see another example of use
    for this : )

    Yes, they do work well.
    I’ve built a slider without the support in the middle to be able to do sliding shots from above using the same type of dolly.

    All the materials for the dolly and the aluminum angle-iron tracks came just to about $100 – which seems very reasonable considering how versatile this set up is.

    Love your video stuff and ideas … and your enthusiasm, Dave : ))!

    So, Thank You!

  • I think this is a quality DIY project, but I’m curious: how difficult was it to get long, smooth slides out of this? The woman in the video was operating it via the wheels, which is probably not the best thing to do.