I have been getting a lot of questions lately where I get all this expensive gear from so I thought I would create a quick video on this.

I have been getting a lot of comments like this one from Andreas:

“Cool comparison Dave. But what happened to your gear-setup. Are you renting all those expensive cameras?”

I just want quickly explain where I get this gear from.

I have a relationship with B&H Photo, they usually call me up once a month or so and ask me what I would like to try next.

This past month I really wanted experience the Canon 5D so I asked, “Can I try out the 5D?” A few days later it is on my door step.

B&H doesn’t tell me what to say in my reviews, and I try to be as unbiased as I can.

In return for taking all the time to do a thorough review their product if you click on any of my affiliate links to B&H and buy that item or any other item that day or some limited time after that, I make a tiny portion. It does not cost you any extra and it helps support my site. Most of the time B&H has great prices but if you find something cheaper on say a site like Amazon or Adorama you should buy from them.

I don’t make much money at all from this site. learningvideo.com is a hobby for me that I really enjoy, and wish my site made more money, if I did I could do even better videos.

I mostly do this because I want to try stuff out before I buy it, and I enjoy sharing my experiences with the gear. If I want to buy anything I review I pay full price just like you do.

So on my gear page most all of those items on that page is stuff I own. Or I recommend buying and I am saving up for like the Tokina 11-16.

Hope that clears things up. If you want to help support my site please use the links from my gear page or any link on my site that send you to B&H. If not, that is OK because I still love playing with all this cool stuff.


  • It’s good you are not in California. B&H pulled my affiliates program because of the new sales tax legislation. Anyways, keep posting and thanks.

  • Dave,
    Curious what ND filter you recommend to slow down stuff like water in Boulder Creek? You used to have a link on your gear page to one that cost like $250 or something, any more affordable options I should look into?

    Love your videos!!

  • @Matt I like the Light Craft workshop ND filter that I have, I guess I have not review it yet. I will have to do that.

  • Hey Dave, will you be doing a new video on color correcting anytime soon? Thanks for the great videos you put out!

  • I love your show and have learned so much from it. I have a t2i as well and your show has helped me a lot in capturing great family moments (this is my first dslr). I must say that I admire how you run this show and still keep it free. Thank you.

  • Do you think you could do a video on how you do your lighting. That would be a great addition to everything you’ve done. Great Work!!!!

  • wow, that’s tremendous. I just purchased the T2i and I really admire your work. I understand you’re busy and appreciate any details you can share on lighting. Thanks..

  • B&H is a fantastic resource and is one of few places I really champion. I don’t know about you, but often the things I’m looking for tend to be cheaper there than other retailers.

    Have you tested anything you’re particularly excited about in the last couple of months, Dave?