Could this LED light be as good as one over $1,000?

Jay P. Morgan from the Slanted lens made me aware of the PhotoFlex North Star Lite, even though Photoflex appears to be a sponsor of his videos I trust Jay P that this is a high quality 1k watt light. Brian Brown of BrownCow Productions made me aware of the Alzo 3000 light which has similar specs to the NorthStar light. When I researched it I saw that my friend Jem Schofield did a review on it last summer before it came out and he thought it was a steal at this price. Brian said he was in town today so he is here with me helping me test it out.

This is the light I have been waiting for?

  • Affordable at $310
  • Runs cool (LED)
  • High published CRI
  • 1000 watt equivalent, 9000 lux.
  • Hard light that can be easily modified with common photography soft boxes
  • Easy to gel
  • Barn doors or grid for a pin point hard light.
  • Don’t have to remove bulbs during travel

Light Output is it 1,000 watt equivalent?

  • In our tests it sure seemed to be brighter than my 1k halogens. However I will do better testing next time.

Skin Tones?

  • The skin tones looked a little too yellow/green even with the a custom white balance.
  • But it was easy to fix in speed grade.

Fan Noise

  • Yes I could hear it in the fan from 80″ away.


  • Brian talks about the construction.

More info check out this long thread on this light here.


  • Hi Dave,

    Thanks for the review. I was just looking at these lights yesterday. Interestingly, in Jem’s review he was standing right next to the Alzo, and I didn’t hear any fan noise, but I could definitely hear it in your review. Have you heard of the Fiilex 360s? A bit underpowered (and expensive at $700), but no fan noise, and seemingly great color.

    Thanks again.

  • Hey Dave,
    I’m the guy who did the Alzo 3000 thread on dvxuser and who replaced the original fan with a silent one.

    The modification is a bit tricky (unscrew/screw in the fan(s)takes a few minutes, flashlight and nerves) but it results in a completely silent unit.


  • Hey Dave,

    I did take pictures but I deleted them afterwards – the mod is quite simple and doesn’t need much though.

    What you will have to do after removing the case is unscrew the 2 screws on each side of the installed fan by sticking the screwdriver through the thin metal plates of the cooling unit. They might get slightly bent a little but it’s no issue to bend them back afterwards. It’s the only way to access the screws.

    Maybe take a picture where to plug the power wires into the fan but that’s real easy too.

    If there are any questions mail me.


  • What kind of fan is used to replace the original in this mod? How much and where do you buy it?

    I want this light and hope to get some follow up info on the fan issue. Thanks

  • So does anyone know of a sale on these? Dave – do you have any codes or suggestions?

    I am about ready to buy. I am even thinking of buying two of them. But I would love a “learningDSLRdeal” if possible.

    ALSO – did you buy one? Did you replace the fan?

    If I get it I am gonna do the fan for sure and then will show some pictures. So maybe that would help get “us” a deal. Let me know. Thanks

  • @Shawn I can ask the next time I do a review on it about a discount.

    I am hearing from Alzo they are replacing the fan on the next product run.