Another item that is really handy to have in your kit.

Disclaimer: B&H gave me this item for free in exchange for this review, I am being as fair as I can be with this review.

Sorry for all the reviews, I will have more camera tutorials coming up.

Find Prices on the Pearstone Articulating Arm.

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magic arm friction
Magic Friction Arm

Find Prices on the Pearstone Articulating Arm.

Caleb Pike has been doing some really cool things with these type of arms, I will being doing a video on how I use them as a rig, but for now check out Caleb’s rig idea below.


  • @John-Mark I am covering over my phone number, I have labels like that all over my great in case it goes home in the wrong vehicle after a shoot.

  • Do you think the shoe mount would be strong enough to hold up the camera. creating a mounting position from the top going forward using the 1st half as a top handle then going out to the side for an accessory. instead of using the bottom plate like pike?

  • @Matt I am not sure exacting what you are asking but it can hold ten pounds of weight so yea it might do what you are asking.

  • @matt thats a lot of torque on the hot shoe. Not sure how strong that is when it’s designed to hold a little flash accesory. Think I will use mine as a lens shade, just add photo clamp. Saves on rails and matte box as I have cokin filter set already.

  • Dave, I am having a hard time getting these arms stay locked with the 7″ LCD on them? I could post a video response if you could give some pointers.
    The mechanics just doesn’t come naturally to me 🙂