I thought it would be fun to share four of my favorites

Boy this DSLR video thing has been going on for about 3 years now. It seems each year people get better and better with their DSLR cameras.

I am not sure we realize how good some people have gotten with these cameras in such a short period of time.

I thought it would be fun to share four of my favorites, I’m sure some of you have watched them already.

I have a complete list of my favorites on Vimeo if you would like to watch all the ones I really like. (The list is constantly changing)

Dave's Favorites

The First DSLR Video I Ever Watched – It Blew Me Away!

One of my favorite in terms of the graphics

One of my favorite Tutorials

Best advertisement for a product


  • @Dave
    Oh, I figured the ad tag out. My ad blocker doesn’t show the side bar ads so the word “Advertisement” which is normally under that box bumps up under the flyer.

  • @John-Mark that is odd because my banner ads right below the red signup area are my own, interesting that it would block those.

    If you have time, can I see what that looks like? Can you send me a screen capture with them blocked?

  • I went to school with the guys who did the last one. They graduated a little before me. Brentwood High School. I know Jeff Venable, and Seth Worely. I didn’t realize they made that short film. We were all in TV-Pro together. Jeff graduated a year before me. Same with Austin Huff.

  • @Salman I am not sure, I think they said AE and one other program. I am working on a video called “The Machinist” that will be very similar to theirs.