Question for the gimbal experts out there.

Update: I would get the Zhiyun Crane, it is better than this gimbal. See my review.

The software from BaseCam has the word “simple” in it, but I am finding it anything but simple.

I am looking for answers on how to tune the Pilotfly H1+ so I can do a proper review on it. Please share your gimbal knowledge.

Update 1: I’ve been using Premiere Pro for years but I think this jitter issue is caused by PPro and not the gimbal! When I view it in Davinci Resolve it looks fine. I will have to redo these tests! Sorry for the confusion. It is almost like PPro CC is dropping frames so instead of 24fps it looks like 18fps (the drop frame indicator is not showing dropped frames!). I have an extremely fast computer and GPU so I am not sure what it going on.

Update 2: I figured it out, I was using a 30fps clip in a 24fps timeline. My bad. Sorry those tests at the end are no good.


  • This was really helpful in making me understand calibration. Thank you so much for this video. I hope you get that jitter figured out and I hope it doesn’t happen to me when I calibrate my Pilotfly. Does 8-bit to 32-bit make a big difference with these small gimbals? I ask because I don’t want buyers remorse, I hate how they came out with a 32-bit version so soon when I just bought one last month.

  • Dave, you walking style shooting need some simple trick to improve the footage – make shorter steps. You walking aptitude (vertical oscillations) – too wide to be compensated by small gimbals. Take a look on behind the scene videos where people shot with gimbals and gliders – they making really short steps. For pilot fly – automatic calibration for motors power works just fine for my setup – EOS M + 22mm lens by the way.

  • Thanks, Dave! I initially had good experiences with PilotFly’s FunnyGo using my GoPro ( ) until it stopped working at a shoot, so I may have to send it back for repair. I’ve been sitting on the fence about whether or not to buy the H1+ …I’m thinking it may help to add a little extra mass to smaller cameras like the GoPro for even smoother shots. In your full review of the H1+, could you please try mounting a GoPro on it too? Perhaps using the open frame mount with a tripod adapter, or just the regular GoPro case if you don’t have the frame mount. Thanks again!

  • You don’t necessarily have to redo the tests, do you? Can’t you just change the sequence settings to 30p, export and post those?