Before and After Real Estate Photos

Some before and after photos from a recent photo shoot.

  • I’ve been hired to shoot real estate videos before up in Breckenridge Colorado. After completing the videos the owners have asked me to return to also do photos as well.
  • The photos are probably more important than the video because most people looking for a vacation rental will look at the photos first before they watch a video.
  • Yes these DSLR’s produce amazing video but they also do amazing photos as well, so if you create videos for a living working this could be another source of revenue.
  • On this photo shoot I used the techniques Mike Kelley uses, I didn’t buy his course but I think I got the idea from watching his YouTube videos.
  • Something that surprised me is it actually takes longer to produce about 25 high quality images than creating a video! Each interior photo takes about 15 minutes to shoot because it would take me a few minutes to test different compositions and then about 10 minutes to take about 30 images with flashes. I used the CamRanger which help speed that up so it might have taken even longer than that.
  • Post processing the images can take over an hour per photo. From the sometimes 30 photos to pick from I might use a dozen or so to blend together using the Mike Kelley’s method.
  • For each interior I would produce an conservative HDR photo using the Fusion Photomatix method rather than Tone Mapping and decide if I wanted to use that as my base image.
  • It’s kind of fun doing just a photo only shoot sometimes, not sure I would want to do it all the time, but it helps with your videos because when you study one photo for a long time it helps you see ratios of light better.