Some before and after photos from a recent photo shoot.
  • I’ve been hired to shoot real estate videos before up in Breckenridge Colorado. After completing the videos the owners have asked me to return to also do photos as well.
  • The photos are probably more important than the video because most people looking for a vacation rental will look at the photos first before they watch a video.
  • Yes these DSLR’s produce amazing video but they also do amazing photos as well, so if you create videos for a living working this could be another source of revenue.
  • On this photo shoot I used the techniques Mike Kelley uses, I didn’t buy his course but I think I got the idea from watching his YouTube videos.
  • Something that surprised me is it actually takes longer to produce about 25 high quality images than creating a video! Each interior photo takes about 15 minutes to shoot because it would take me a few minutes to test different compositions and then about 10 minutes to take about 30 images with flashes. I used the CamRanger which help speed that up so it might have taken even longer than that.
  • Post processing the images can take over an hour per photo. From the sometimes 30 photos to pick from I might use a dozen or so to blend together using the Mike Kelley’s method.
  • For each interior I would produce an conservative HDR photo using the Fusion Photomatix method rather than Tone Mapping and decide if I wanted to use that as my base image.
  • It’s kind of fun doing just a photo only shoot sometimes, not sure I would want to do it all the time, but it helps with your videos because when you study one photo for a long time it helps you see ratios of light better.


  • Very nice work Dave!
    Have done a lot of that kind of work over the years, and the HDR use is critical. You mentioned the use of a gobo on the picture frame reflection – have done that a lot, usually with an assistant to get the light blocked “just right.”
    Important add: When all the toning is completed, and before making perspective corrections, be sure to convert the image to a Smart Object! This will eliminate the jagged vertical lines you would otherwise get when fixing perspective and scale. Then rasterize and flatten the image.

  • Wow,,..what a difference you made to the rooms. I would hate to think how long it would take me, but I am inspired by you yet again! Keep up the great posts!

  • Thanks for this post, Dave. Real estate photography is especially difficult and very important to successful rentals, as you point out. You did a great job on these images. I’m a decent photographer myself but bec interior shots are challenging I hire pros to take photos of my vacation rentals.

    I’m writing to underscore the value of the CamRanger. I hired a young photographer in Portland, OR (his name is Taylour White), to shoot a place I recently bought there and he used the CamRanger with such ease; he essentially perfected the image before pushing the shutter and because I could see the image on his iPad I could make suggestions. Taylour had the finished images to me within hours of the photo shoot. And aren’t they splendid:

    Keep up the great work, Dave. One reason I visit your site is to see what you’re shooting in the Boulder area, my hometown, and beautiful mountains nearby.

    All the best,


  • Dave – excellent work! Thank for you for the ideas. Any chance you would consider a tutorial (for sale) of this process? I will cheek out the Mike Kelly materials also, but really like you style.

    Thanks again


  • Hey Dave awesome video.
    I’d love to see a video on how you actually do that flash technique. And a video on how you edit a room like you showed.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!!


  • Dave, check out Scott Hargis. I shoot using his method to keep my post processing way down. He uses a multiple strobe approach. Also, the Photography for Real Estate blog is an awesome group of some of the best real estate photographers on the planet. I can get results similar to this with the slightest LR adjustments (less than 30 seconds) with one or two SB-80dx strobes.