I wanted to share my experience getting what I think was a good deal on a used T3i.

I just bought and received a used Canon T3i/600D for my next camera course and I wanted to share my experience getting what I think was a good deal on it.

Craigslist: $400 body only but no idea how many shutter counts are on it. Talked him down from $450 body only.

B&H used: $599 body only

Canon Refurbished: $384 body only (now $480 after the rebate was done)

Canon Refurbished: $431 with kit lens, this is what I got since the body only units went fast. I went ahead and got it because my neighbor is going to buy it from me after I am done with the course.

Here is the link where I found the Canon T3i/600D refurbished cameras, note that the price has gone up again.

I am on the mailing list to get alerted when these deals come around.

Canon T3i
Canon T3i


  • Hah! My T3i came in today too, but it arrived after I left work. No kidding the price went up! It was $447($483.83 with tax) last week, now it’s $559 for the same thing!! Another source is eBay – they are trending in the $450-$550 range for this same model with the 18-55mm kit lens.
    Looking forward to your Tutorial on the T3i with a “focus” on the video capabilities you have honed to perfection!
    Thanks for your help on this opportunity last week.

  • Another way to get more of a some what discount is Canon’s Loyalty Program. I bought a used broken Canon point and shoot on eBay for $10, called Canon Loyalty Program direct number and told them I had a broken Canon camera and I that I was interested in a DSLR. After giving me a list of qualified DSLRs I was able to get an extra 30% off the already marked down refurbish 5D Mark ii body (not sure if the discount changed). It came out to be about $1400. According to EOSinfo, the shutter count was 483! Not too bad! They even give discounts on refurbished lenses if you aren’t interested in any refurbished bodies.

  • Hey Dave,
    Another great site for gear is Fredmiranda.com
    It has lot of great info for amateur, hobbyist, and professional photographers but the great thing is the buy/sell section. I think its like 30 bucks to buy and sell for one year but I have found some great deals and the equipment is awesome! Check it out! Appreciate all that you do!

  • I picked up a refurbished 60D body on the Canon site for a great price! The shutter actuation count was reset, and the firmware was up to date. You have to watch the Canon site like a hawk, because when they have a sale, they have great prices, but they only last for a short duration.

    I have had good luck on Amazon.com as well, but you need to use Amazon seller for to guarantee the condition of the item. Speaking of used Amazon… Adorama uses Amazon as a portal to sell their used equipment.

    LensRentals.com and BarrowLenses.com also have equipment for sale, however the camera bodies may have too many actuations on them to make it a good deal.

  • For the record, Canon had a 20% discount on their refurbished gear. I purchased one for $695USD – delivered. That was better than anything I had seen before or since, and I trust Canon on the refurbishment and condition of the camera… (on retrospect, that could be dicey).

    I use the InvisibleHand AddOn for Firefox, and the site CamelCamelCamel.com to monitor my Amazon wishlists. They also monitor other sites. Like playing the stock market, you can watch the prices bounce around. A used (Very Good condition) Sigma 150-500mm lens for $691USD was as cheap as it’s been for over a year. 🙂
    I snagged it. It looks brand new to me, and operates great. Look out birdies, I’m comin’ for yah!

    I will be set for gear for a very long time… as my bank account recovers from this one-two punch!

  • Dave your site and videos are so helpful! Thanks so much for taking the time to fill the rest of us in on everything you are learning! I found that to get a new t4i from B&H with the kit 18-135mm stm lens plus a 50mm 1.4 & 55-250mm 4-5.6 would run me $1501. Through Canons Loyalty Program getting a refurbished t3i with a 50mm 1.4 & a 55-250mm 4-5.6 on would only cost $760. The 60D with a 50mm 1.4 & a 55-250mm 4-5.6 would be $1016 and the 7D with the same lenses would be $1399. The main difference between these four options is that the t4i option from B&H would include the 18-135mm stm lens which would give me a wide angle option as well as being more silent for using AF in video or at least that is how I understand it. I am more interested in video than stills but stills are also very important to me. Do you have a recommendation on which option I mentioned would be the best one? How long do you think it would take for ML to become available for the t4i if I were to go that rout? Another question I have is if I were to buy gear through your site in the future how would I do that? Thanks & God Bless!

  • I am looking for a reasonably priced camera for mainly indoor video, with not much room, meaning shooting with the subject and camera within 6-8 feet.

    I was looking at the Canon t2i. Would this do a good enough job? I want a super-user-friendly camera with not much manual going on.

    Hope to hear back from you.


  • I just enjoy so much the videos you make you have a great point of view still you are heading faster than I can keep..but great productions..regards….oscar

  • When I saw that a refurbished T3i was $480 at Canon, I jumped to check it out. Unfortunately, it’s back to $559, so I’m going to monitor eBay some more.

    That said, the cheapest I found on eBay was comparable, so sox of one half dozen of another.

    Thank you for this post; I really appreciate it.

  • Hi Dave, looking at getting a rebel T3i and intended to install the magic lantern for more range. But if am right, from what i heard on the clip where you compared the two. when u spoke about installing ML on the T2i seemed it couldn’t also get installed on T3i. As i can’t imagine not having that on the my new baby. Cos am wanting to explore DSLR from dis start b4 i Get more Professional. Video being more piority than photography

    Plus any advice on lenses to buy with this camera, would be very helpful. Looking in the direction of 18-55mm kit, 50mm f1.8, and 55-300mm 4-5.6.

    From reviews i have been researching and studying,it seems with some quality time invested on the learning process. I can pull out some very cool professional looking takes.
    Thanks alot dave your Videos r really helpful