An interview with Blake Whitman - VP of Creative Development from

Few weeks back I listened to a Ron Dawson podcast – Crossing the 180, where he had Blake Whitman on his show. I really enjoy Ron’s interview with Blake, but I had a few more question I wanted to hear answered.

I have always been a big fan of for the past 4 years. I use both YouTube and Vimeo, both are similar, but don’t really compete with each other.

Blake is a VP of Creative Development for Vimeo. Also you can follow Blake on his Tumblr Blog.

Question I asked

  • How do you find videos to promote to those channels? Does the staff email you links, or other people in the community help out with this?
  • How many videos do you watch a day to find ones to promote?
  • Do you keep track of how well your picks are doing based off the time spent on the Staff Pick channel? For instance if the average visitor time spent on that Staff Pick drops in half do you find yourself asking if you picked the right ones?
  • Can you talk about your new music service, I have not tried it yet?
  • Have you developed an eye for what is shot with a DSLR or Red?
  • Beyond the Still” sounded like it took a lot of work. Has anything happened to contest winners? Another one coming? What has the winner done with the gear won and knowledge with Vince’s meeting? Since you were a judge did your picks come out similar to the winners?
  • What kind of bandwidth do you guys use? Or is it all tied in to IAC and you have no idea?
  • Do you have stats for ‘onlookers’, people that have a Vimeo account but don’t have any videos?
  • Favorite recent movies in the theaters?


  • Cant see this on my iPad 2 for some reason.
    Maybe you don’t have the “mobile viewing option” turned on?

  • Im trying to watch it from here, your website. I see neither version. Just your white background where the video should be. Im on version 5.0 os iOS.

  • Great interview Dave. You have a genuine talent for putting things in perspective in your videos.
    I learn a lot trough them,

    many thanks.

  • I’d never heard of Vimeo until Gary Vaynerchuk linked to them in his email newsletter, but I’ve liked them a lot since. I’m surprised (pleasantly) that YouTube didn’t buy them out or put them out of business already since they seem to be the only real competitor out of all the non-porn video sites left.

  • ” I use both YouTube and Vimeo, both are similar, but don’t really compete with each other.”

    I’m trying to get a handle on this. i.e. should I have a vimeo channel as well as a youtube channel. Do I then publish all content to both? In what ways do you use them differently?