Black Magic Pocket Cinema Camera Exposure Tutorial

Setting exposure for the BMPCC is not easy!


Thanks to Alex MacLean for giving me the idea to expose within video mode and switch over to film when I was ready to record.

Thanks to Ryan E. Walters for suggesting the Luxi light meter as well as helping me with this exposure issue. Ryan has a ton of great exposure articles on his site and he also told me about this really good article about exposing within Log mode.

I got an answer from Blackmagic on my exposure question:

The question I am referring to is while shooting do you expose for 18% grey within the frame at 50% on Davinci’s waveform scope while in “film” mode or something lower like 40% or even as low like 32% as Canon publishes in their white papers for their log mode?
Actually, I do have an answer there. I have been told that 18% at 50 IRE is the way to go, it will give you the latitude needed during grading with us.