Quick review

Button Enhancers for Sony cameras

  • I’ve been using Christopher Engell’s Button Enhancers for about a month, they have not fallen off
  • I put them on the record and C1 and C2 buttons, but I ended up taking them off the record button because I would hit record accidentally.  Took off C1 because I wanted a quick way to figure out which button was which.
  • I saw a bit cynical at the start but I like them now.

Rubber Eyecup for Sony A6500

  • I have review this before but the one I modified, this one is made just for the a6500.
  • It works well but like I said before when I am shooting for an hour or so it can hurt a little, might be the shape of my face.


  • Hello, thanks Dave for the honest review! Also I wanted to let your viewers know I also have a set of Button Enhancers for the A7II/A7RII/A7SIIA/6500, this kit has 1 more of the Button Enhancers. ww.ebay.com/itm/Button-Enhancers-for-Sony-Cameras-A7II-A7RII-A7SII-A6500-All-Cameras-/191909401871, $19.95 set of 8.

    I also have just for the Video Button a single Video Button Enhancers http://www.ebay.com/itm/Video-Button-Enhancer-Sony-Cameras-A7-A7II-A7R-A7RII-A7S-A7SII-A6000-6300-6500-/191898452999 $7.95 set of 1.
    Any questions please contact me on my eBay listing and I am glad to help. Christopher

  • Also in my Button Enhancers kit for the A7/A7R/A7S/A77MII/A6000/A6300 you do get 2 special Button Enhancers for the Flash and Menu buttons, and the same for the A7II/A7RII/A7SII/A6500 kit.
    So you will get 7 Button Enhancers for the A7 series and 8 for the A7II series, and with my Video Button Enhancer all of the Sony small buttons are included and improves that super small Back Focus button in my kits.