I am not a journalist.
  • Fotodiox FlapJack C-700RSV Bicolor LED
  • Update: Looks like I was wrong about the free shipping from B&H for this product, so the prices are about even if you wanted the Sony batteries.
  • Been waiting a long time to replace my old lights, each year at NAB nothing good.
  • I’ve reviewed these before but the smaller ones.
  • I found 4 other companies that sell the same light, some with lower prices. From all my tests, I can say the one I have is exactly the same as the Fotodiox
  • I want to be true to my audience, , but I don’t have time to be an investigated reporter. However you guys are smart enough to find these on Google.
  • Power Brick failed, but they replaced it, but it took around 12 days to get it
  • Both are Silent!
  • Take up less space in my office than softbox.
  • Fast setup!
  • My old Ephoto lights: 4700k -2.25green, C700: 5600k -1green,
  • Fluorescent wattage 137w, Fotodiox 69w
  • Almost no green tint, far less than my fluorescent lights.
  • No warm-up time like my soft box lights.
  • Fluorescent ePhoto lights Area: 19 x 26 = 494″
  • Fotodiox circle area: 16.3″ x pi = 209
  • FotodioX C-218AS FlapJack LED Bi-Color

Here are the lights I own. $390


  • Great review, as usual. As someone starting from scratch buying lights for video (all I have is a small on camera generay LED panel) would you recommend going LED? Other than maybe the cost, I can’t come up with any reason NOT to go with all LED lights?

    I just filled my house with 5000k LED bulbs (800 lumen) and I think its fantastic light.

  • @William, I guess it depends what you are shooting, but if you need to travel small and light and on battery power LED are the best option that I know.

  • Thanks for the review. Looks like a top choice for me as well, but I hope someone makes an affordable grid for them. I’m starting to get picky about light-spill/control.

  • great review Dave! I still have the ephoto lights from back in the day and they do a great job aside from subtle green tint…but the bulk is horrendous! I hardly take them anywhere because of this. The portability of the ultra thin flapjack LED lights and how they can run off batteries, and are bi-color are a huge bonus at this price point. Definitely considering the upgrade.

    I’ve really enjoyed your A7R2 course so far. The camera has so much in the menus that it can be overwhelming. Most of the information available online is for photographers but not so much for video. Which stands to reason because this is and amazing stills camera and has been warmly accepted by the photo community.. and a lot of people online are talking about it. But, I mainly bought the A7R2 to shoot video so this course was a perfect match for me.

    The section on lenses and how they focus was very helpful. Particularly the focus settings available in manual mode that aren’t in movie mode. I have the A7S and have mainly used my canon lenses with the metabones adapter but the focus features were way to slow…so i keep everything manual with this setup. I even noticed a lot of pulsing in this review with the A7S2 and a native sony lens. However, the A7r2 with its focusing system combined with sony native lenses looks to be spot on most of the times. I will definitely be picking up the Sony 18-105mm f/4 through your site for my A7R2, what a great special events lens and for under $600 bucks!

    Looking forward to watching the rest of the A7R2 course. Keep up the good work and thanks again for the discount code Dave.

  • Dave, I appreciate your attention to ethics, both in this video and in all of your reviews.

    You are in a tight spot here, as it is generally understood that Chinese companies have a different standard for intellectual property than we have in the US.

    But I think you are right to avoid dismissing all ethical concerns, because “hey, they’re Chinese, and China doesn’t care about this.”

    At any rate, those lights look great, and I can’t wait to see the review of the “other” light, which looks larger than the 18″ FlapJacks.

    Keep ’em coming!


  • @Martin thanks, that was a hard review to do. I really like these lights, so far they work perfectly for my style of shooting.

  • Thanks for the grumpy review Dave – LOL!

    In the next review of the bigger light can you show some samples of the light in an interview set up so we can see some real world samples of the light and how skin tones look. This would be very helpful.


  • Hey Dave 🙂 I am writing from Germany. I love your channel. Great content. I am searching like crazy for the grandpa of lights 😀 I can’t find it and that is embarrassing because I have to admit that I studied Online Journalism and got my Master in it 😀 I do tons of video and that would be the perfect light. I would be very thankful if you could help me out. 🙂 Carpe diem, Ben

  • @Dave Thank you very much :-), but I meant the really huge light 😀 The one you will still post a video about. Seems like perfect light for video and photography in confined spaces. :o)