I do a lens review with DeeJay from DSLRFilmNoob.com

One of my favorite channels to watch on YouTube is┬áDeeJay Scharton’s over at DSLRFilmNoob.com. He does a lot of product reviews and tutorials on this channel, I have learned a lot from him over the past 2 years. DeeJay has a ton more experience than I do shooting shorts and other movies, checkout DeeJay’s IMDB page.

DeeJay has a much different shooting style than I do, he tends to use mostly primes for his movies, while I use mostly zooms for my promo and corporate videos. So I thought it would be fun to do a video together. I learned a lot watching him work and was amazed by all the gear he owns.

Since both of our YouTube subscribers seem to like lens reviews, in this video we are comparing the Canon 24mm 1.4 Mark II vs Sigma 24mm 1.8 Marco lenses.


On a crop sensor as you can see here the Canon on the left at 1.8 is a bit sharper in the center of the frame. And then as we move up to the upper left hand corner of the frame you can see the the Sigma on the right gets pretty smeary compared to the Canon on the left.

Running the exact same test on the 5D full frame starting in the upper corner you can see again that the Canon is a bit sharper, as we move to the center you can see that the Canon is noticeably sharper than the Sigma.

Lets head back to the crop sensor and an f-stop of 2.8 to see if the Sigma can improve at a slightly higher f-stop number. And yes the Sigma does better now but I would still give the win to the Canon. As we move to the upper left corner you can see that the Canon is still much sharper than the Sigma at 2.8.


Next up is a bokeh test with the Sigma on the left and Canon on the right, I am by no means a bokeh expert but to me the shape of circles on the Canon look more pleasing to me than the Sigma.


So for build quality it sure seems like the Canon is far superior just because of some of the focus issues we had by just breathing on the Sigma.

So overall I think the Sigma works pretty well for the crop sensor cameras for video, maybe not so much for stills and the Canon works well for both.

Products Used In This Video

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Sigma 24mm 1.8 Marco

Canon 24mm 1.4 Mark II

Canon 24mm 1.4 Mark II
Canon 24mm 1.4 Mark II



  • Really wish the Rokinon 24mm 1.4 was in this mix. Really interested in seeing how that compares because I can barely find any information about that lens. Great comparison video though.

  • @ Elliot …i have the sigma 20mm 1.8….the focus ring is much better, stable, etc….great wide lens,fast, and does macro….soo glad i have it for my 6od and 5d mkIII

  • The discussion in the video about prime vs zoom lens does not mention the differences in perspective that are created by different focal lengths. Shooting a subject from a short distance with a short focal length will look different from shooting at long distance with a long focal length, even if the size of the subject is the same on the sensor. The short focal length will cause perspective in the subject to be exaggerated(big nose/fish eye effect), while shooting with a long focal length will flatten the perspective(smaller nose effect). For me, the decision regarding which focal length to use is related more to composition than the distance the camera must be from the subject. Using a zoom lens to avoid having to move the camera closer or further from the subject is overlooking the visual consequences. http://www.filmmakers.com/artists/kubrick/biography/page3.htm

  • I’m also disappointed the samyang/rokinon 24mm 1.4 didn’t make this review. It is targeted to filmmakers, so I would think it would have been a bit more appropriate to compare than the sigma.

  • Great job on the chroma keying outside. you almost look like you’re really there together. lol

  • Hey Dave,

    You should look into reviewing more of the USM lenses like the 100mm, 85mm, and 60mm. They offer a tempting price point for those who just don’t need L glass or L glass competition from tamron and sigma but it’s hard to find a good review on those.

  • @Tyler
    what section had the chroma?

    @Dave was the Coke product placement intentional? (4:35)
    Cool if you can get Coke to sponsor you!

  • @John-Mark
    Sorry, it looked like Chroma outside when Dave was shooting (~2:20). I guess it’s just the soft edges of the Canons. BTW, I own one, 60D. As cool as it is with ML, I plan to go the GH3 route.

  • @John
    I thought that was the section but I wasn’t sure. I can see how that did look like green screening. You had me going though. I usually can pick out chroma keying so I was a bit nervous I was loosing my senses. ­čÖé

    I have a T2i right now with ML. I decided to wait on upgrading since I am content with the results. (and money it allocated for other things right now.)

  • should have threw the rokinon or samyang 24mm 1.4 into the mix! really want to see how that stacks up next to the canon.

  • Idiotas, who are you trying to fool?
    Get a stopwatch you fools.
    Both lenses have exactly the same focusing time. Granted, Sigma is loud but not any slower. Both lenses focused in 2.5 seconds.
    The proof is in your video.