HDR stills with some cool footage from the 4th of July weekend.

I was up in the mountains over the 4th of July and got some cool video footage using my ND filter from Light Craft Workshop and my Canon T2i 550d. One of these days I will have to do a review on the ND filter because it works so well for capturing those great shallow DOF outside shots. I want to get better at HDR with my Canon so in this video I show you another attempt which I think came out pretty good this time. This entire video was shot with the Canon 28-135mm lens – all hand held with no special stabilization rig hardware. The IS and using slow motion can give you really good smooth hand held shots.

If you like you can see how I have progressed in my HDR by watching old versions of my HDR tutorials. I also used the Rode Videomic on the opening of this video, there was a slight breeze but the wind screen on the mic worked well. The bass response of this mic always amazes me even when I have it a good distance from my mouth. No audio processing was used on the audio channel for this video at the beginning.

HDR – 2nd Shot with +2/3 of a F-Stop Added – Crested Butte CO

Crested Butte Colorado Wild Flowers

Colors Crested Butte July 4th

Crested Butte Mountain Town

Slay the Metal Dragon - Crested Butte Colorado

Hula Hoop Girl - Crested Butte 4th of July


  • The footage is amazing. I can’t believe sometimes I have the same camera.
    I’m really impressed with the sharpness and the smoothness of the video without a stabilizer.
    I have been unsuccessfully tooling around with a Flycam Nano for months and can’t stabilize it.

    Perhaps I just need a good IS lens.
    Is the 28-135mm IS lens your go-to lens for a variety of video?
    I am looking for a do-most IS lens that I wont have to keep changing.

    The slow-mo was great.

  • awesome stuff again Dave- I’ll be your assistant next time-
    keep up the great work, cheers-

  • Dave,
    Good video. Thanks for more HDR content.

    I have to ask… did you shoot the video in Flat Neutral (Cinestyle) and color grade it in post?

  • Dave, your videos are truly amazing. Would it be possible to explain your post production methods, software etc to compliment the amazing footage you shoot.

    I always wait for the next installment of your learning journey and then I step in behind you and try to emulate.

    Thanks and regards

  • Dave, ever since you introduced ML I have used it for all my HDR shots. I use a minimum of 5 shots at 2 stops difference. It made a huge difference to the quality of my photos. I don’t bother with the canon 3 shot settings at all anymore.

  • Really great video and tutorial, cant believe how sharp and clean the image is. Out of curiosity for slowing down the image, are you shooting 50fps then time squeezing n post buy some % ?
    Thanks for sharing

  • hey Dave,
    Your audio in this video is great what type of equipment you used to take Audio???

  • Hi Dave,

    I don’t know if you are interested but I am developing a quick easy and cheap tool to help with composition and aspect framing, I would love to send you a set of my new invention for you to try out and maybe let me know what you think?

    It is a set of LCD screen protectors with micro accurate reference lines and aspect frames on them, you can see more detail on my site here:

    Let me know if I can send you a set, maybe email me an address?
    Keep up the fab work on the blog πŸ™‚

    All the best, Wayne

  • Nice work Dave. Have you tried exposure fusion instead of tone mapping your HDRs? It’s produces much more natural results with normal saturation levels and limited haloing that is common with tone mapped HDRs.

  • Nice video! I’ll have to check more out. I’m just getting in to photography so it’s all very informative.

    Is the resulting photo from the last shot you took or did you process the photo? If processed, did you merge photos together or just played around with the settings?

  • Hey Dave

    You are my new hero. I haven’t slept this week as I have submersed myself in your videos. Your style, humility and the fun of sharing the learning experience instead of lecturing makes you the most accessible and friendly source of quality information on the web. I have a single question I hope you can answer. When shooting HDR on my T2i I set my bracketing fine and can shoot all three exposures in continuous mode by holding down the shutter, but I thought I could use the 2 second timer and it would shoot all three exposures automatically. Nope – no soap. It works in the 10 second timer mode but the minimum multiple setting is two so I end up with six total and have to pick every other one. Is there a way to get the two second timer to squeeze off all three? Thanks!

  • Video isn’t available in Germany, because of missing license for the background music you have chosen… πŸ™ Please try to use “free music” in your next videos, so I can enjoy all of them.