Canon 5D Mark III – Features I Hope They Include at The Announcement

So what do you guys want to see from the new 5D?


Update: The new Canon 5D Mark III was announced last night and it available for pre-order right now and will be shipping at the end of this month I believe. I will do a blog post on it later today if I have time.

I’m really excited for the Canon announcement tonight. Not sure what it is, but everyone is thinking it is about the new Canon 5D Mark III.

I have used the Canon T2i for the past two years and I have really enjoyed using it, but I think I am ready to step up to a full frame camera. I am not alone, I can see on the forums that many are ready to step up to a full frame as well. Once I get a full frame camera then I think I will be investing in some nice glass.

I have some money set aside for a new camera and I am ready to pull the trigger. But in order for me to shell out $3,500 for a new 5D, I am looking for Canon to fix some of the following issues.

  1. Moire/Aliasing – this is the number one thing I hope they fix, I can’t tell you how many of my shots have been ruined by this. Yes, sounds like this will be improved.
  2. Headphone jack – this should be the easiest feature for them to add. I would love this for interviews so I can monitor the audio while I ask questions.  Considering that Nikon has already done this, my bet is Canon will have this too. Yes we now have a headphone jack.
  3. Tilt out screen – great for low shots. Nope, I was so wrong on this one.
  4. 1080 at 60fps – I don’t think this is going to happen, but I can be hopeful. Nope.
  5. Either improve the compression codec or provide a clean HDMI out – many people are saying that Canon is not likely to give us an uncompressed clean HDMI output because it will hurt their more expensive line of video cameras, I am guessing they are right. If they are not going to include this I am going to lean more to the Nikon D800 when it comes out. Better HDMI out, better CODEC, but no clean HDMI out.
  6. I hope they do not put a lock button on the mode dial. Bummer they added one!
  7. SD card slot, I know some don’t like the SD cards, but I think they work great. Yes!
  8. I hope they don’t make it hard to hack, I hope they allow Alex over at Magic Lantern to hack it so we can get things Canon will never give us like waveform monitors and such.
  9. More lenses with IS built in. Sounds like they are here already.

Rolling Shutter is not on this list – for my shooting style this is not a big of an issue for me, for people like Freddie Wong that do lots of action I can see this being a big one for them.

I added myself to the waiting list at B&H to review the camera, so I should be one of the first to review it that didn’t have a pre-production unit.

I won’t be the first to have a review out, because I plan to take my time and do a thorough review, I hope to review it against the Nikon D800 as well.

My Thoughts The Morning After the Announcement

First off and I probably don’t say this enough, I am just an amateur, perhaps an advanced amateur so take my comments as just that, from a non-expert or non-professional person. I’m speaking to the people that own a T2i, T3i you know the rebel cameras or even the people with a 7D or recent 60D. If you are like me you have used the crap out of your camera and you feel like you might take the next step up to a full frame camera.


OK, if you like me, we need to first talk about price, $3,500 is a lot of money. Also the Nikon D800 another one I am looking at is $3,000 right now which is also a lot. I recently did a editing job that has paid about that amount, so I have the money, now I have to justify it to myself if it is worth it. I made a comment about price earlier and someone commented that the 5D Mark II started out at the same price. I didn’t know this, so I went searching an found this chart showing it started out at $2,700 in Dec of 2008. The price dropped to $2,500 about a full year later.

So if history repeats itself, perhaps I should wait a year for it to drop $800 to $1,000 and buy a good lens with that money I saved. I know it will be a couple month before I can buy because I am going to review it against the D800 a month from now, and it will be another month before I release my review. Perhaps by then Canon will get competitive and lower the price to $3,000 where the Nikon D800 sits.

For me I am just starting to get some work locally, and having a 5D of any type will make me look a lot more professional than my T2i. So I can see the new camera paying for itself pretty quickly, but the work might dry up so I need to make an educated decision on this.

For those who don’t remember I did a review between the T2i and the 5D Mark II last summer, in a well lit situation there was very little difference between the two, however in low light the 5D did much better. I’m hoping that the difference between the T2i and the new 5D will be much greater than before when I test it next month.

So is it worth $3,500 for amateurs, probably not. But if you feel your current Rebel is holding you back from getting a project and you feel your skill level is getting better, perhaps in a year when the price drops – maybe. Just have to wait and see how much better it will be.

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