Before Canon can release a new camera they need to loan it to someone that knows how to use it so they can show it off at the launch.

Update: The new Canon 5D Mark III is available now.

I ran across a very interesting iPhone app while doing a search for Canon. Judging from the lack of comments and a price of $6.99 I would say I’m the first to download it. Why is it so interesting? Two reasons it is made by Canon and the name of the app. It is called “Mark III Finder“.

With a name like that, I had to download it. My guess is Canon’s marketing team has gotten creative here in an effort to help build interest with their soon to be released flagship camera.

Now this is where it gets really intriguing, I have just loaded it after agreeing to bunch of legal terms which I didn’t read, and I get this screen with just 4 names. Now I haven’t tried it yet, I wanted you guys to experience it with me.

First name on the list is Chase Jarvis. To me Chase is a long shot since I think he is a Nikon shooter, but he has had pre-production cameras before.

Let’s see what it says, and oh I am not sure what this pause button does…[watch the video].

5D Mark III Finder App

5D Mark III Finder App iPhone


Chase Jarvis, Shane Hurlbut, Philip Bloom and Vincent LaForet have awesome blogs, if you are not already following these industry leaders you should definitely start soon.

I sent all of them emails days before I released this video to see if it was OK to use their footage and I enjoyed Philip Bloom’s response of, “Nice job Dave! Toilet is other way…”.

Thanks also to Stephen Niebauer who is on staff at Vimeo for the clip of Vincent.

Thanks also to Freddie Wong for the YouTube Hackers video as inspiration to for this video.

Thanks to for the music in this video.

I wanted to learn how to use After Effects and this was a fun project to learn on. Also I would like to thank Andrew Kramer from Video CoPilot for all his great After Effects Tutorials! This is my first After Effects project I have done.

It’s my guess that Canon will announce the new 5D Mark III on Oct. 26 in NYC. Or perhaps Canon will release it at the Hollywood effect on Nov. 3.