Canon 5D mkII vs The Canon T2i

So how does the cropped sensor T2i hold up to the full frame 5D?


Oh yea, the 5D is nice.

Ryan Connolly did good comparison of these cameras some time ago, but since I like to do my own tests I thought I would run some similar tests. I found similar results to what Ryan found, except I didn’t see that the T2i was more saturated than the 5D. Color and saturation are so similar you could easily mix both footage.

You might be asking, “Dave, why are you comparing the 5D mark II to the 550D when the mark 3 is coming soon?

So why compare the T2i/550D which is the cheapest of the bunch to one of the most expensive, for me I want to see if the full frame is worth 3 times the money. Also more so is about excuses. Am I allowed to say oh that guy on Vimeo has a 5D I could never get that quality with my T2i.

Yes it is true that the 5D in terms of features almost feels historic when compared to it’s little cropped frame brothers when it lacks a ton of cool features like focus points faster shutter drive a level built in zoom, tilt out screen. But the reason the 5D is Canon’s flagย  ship product for professionals is because of the full frame.

The comparison is not about features because we can guess the the Mark III that will be out soon will have all the new features and some more. This is about one thing – the censor and low light performance. Who knows perhaps the mark 3 will shoot raw video files or even shoot 4k footage in that case this video will become dated very fast which is OK with me because that would so exciting if either one of those happened. Wow imagine 4k footage with no aliasing ย or rolling shutter, how awesome that would be?

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Photos from the 5D

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