Canon 60D – My First Day with the Camera

My first day with the Canon 60D


I got the Canon 60D in for testing a couple of days ago and finally got around to un-boxing it yesterday. This is just a quick video of some shots from yesterday. No bunnies were harmed in the making of this video.

I am working on a full review of the Canon 60D by comparing it to the Canon T3i/600D (which is very similar). Since I just got the camera I want to spend some time with it before publishing the comparison review.

Music from Nu-ka_feat_Voskresenie creative commons. Cool song. So cool that music like this is available on a Creative Commons license.

Find prices on the Canon 60D.

Photos from the 60D

Canon 60D - Wave Type Sunset Clouds over Tree & Contrail

Canon EOS 60D - Dog at Park