Canon 60D vs. Canon T3i/600D A Close Matchup

The two are really close in price and features.


Recently I had a lot of people request a comparison review between the T3i/600D and the Canon 60D. B&H was nice enough to send me both units so I can review them here. These two cameras have very similar features and price points so I can see why a lot of people want to know which one to buy.

Lets talk about price first, the 60D is about $100 more than the T3i.

I have been using them both for over a week and I have to tell you that in terms of image quality they are pretty much equal as you can see here. This one of the clouds does look different but in just the minute or so it took to mount the other camera to the tripod the clouds moved and changed a bit. These camera use the same sensors so it makes sense that they look almost identical. I used the same lens in this test as well as the exposure and picture style settings.

Where these two cameras differ the most from what I can tell is the shutter drive mechanics which has more to do with photography. The T3i can shoot 3.7fps while the 60D shoots 5.7. The T3i shoots up to 1/4000 of a second and the 60D at 1/8000.

All of the 9 AF points are cross type on the 60D, while on the T3i just has one in the center. Is this a big deal for shooting videos? Not that I can tell, having all those cross points didn’t make that big of a difference for me since I normally just use the center one when I am using the quick focus mode, and most others that shoot video just use manual focus.

I really dislike that Canon put on a lock button on the mode dial on the 60D with the T3i does not have. I have never had my T2i switch modes on me by accident. So for me this is not a welcome new feature.

However I really like the addition of the rotating dial on the back of the camera, changing f-stops is a breeze compared to the T3i.

The view finder on the two cameras are slightly different and to be honest I didn’t notice the difference when I was switch between the two cameras while taking pictures.

The 60D has an LCD screen on the top of the camera where as the T3i does not, I could see how this would be nice for stills mode but to be honest I never looked at it, I just use the back of the screen.

The 60D has an electronic level which is pretty cool, I can see using this since I find the bubbles in the tripods and heads to be very frustrating.

The 60D has a different battery, I didn’t get a chance to run a battery test but from the specs it appears it lasts much longer, 60D at 1600 shots and the T3i at 550 shots. Also I like the 60D’s charger better.

The 60D has more ISO values to pick from, but to be honest I don’t know what are the native ISO for this sensor that they have in common.

Couple of things to mention that are the same for both is they both use SD cards, they both have manual audio controls, and they both have the articulating screen.

I like how the 60D fits in my large hand, especially if I am carrying it without a strap. However it is heavier which I know other people like, but I would rather have it lighter. The outer construction of the two cameras seem very similar.

Check this out for some reason the 60d has this annoying meter compared to the T3i. When you are the T3i the meter behaves nicely but on the 60D it jumps.

So is the 60D worth $100 more than the T3i? If you are shooting more pictures than movies, perhaps a little bit, but if you shot more movies than pictures I would say no, use that extra $100 for a better lens.

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