The two are really close in price and features.

Recently I had a lot of people request a comparison review between the T3i/600D and the Canon 60D. B&H was nice enough to send me both units so I can review them here. These two cameras have very similar features and price points so I can see why a lot of people want to know which one to buy.

Lets talk about price first, the 60D is about $100 more than the T3i.

I have been using them both for over a week and I have to tell you that in terms of image quality they are pretty much equal as you can see here. This one of the clouds does look different but in just the minute or so it took to mount the other camera to the tripod the clouds moved and changed a bit. These camera use the same sensors so it makes sense that they look almost identical. I used the same lens in this test as well as the exposure and picture style settings.

Where these two cameras differ the most from what I can tell is the shutter drive mechanics which has more to do with photography. The T3i can shoot 3.7fps while the 60D shoots 5.7. The T3i shoots up to 1/4000 of a second and the 60D at 1/8000.

All of the 9 AF points are cross type on the 60D, while on the T3i just has one in the center. Is this a big deal for shooting videos? Not that I can tell, having all those cross points didn’t make that big of a difference for me since I normally just use the center one when I am using the quick focus mode, and most others that shoot video just use manual focus.

I really dislike that Canon put on a lock button on the mode dial on the 60D with the T3i does not have. I have never had my T2i switch modes on me by accident. So for me this is not a welcome new feature.

However I really like the addition of the rotating dial on the back of the camera, changing f-stops is a breeze compared to the T3i.

The view finder on the two cameras are slightly different and to be honest I didn’t notice the difference when I was switch between the two cameras while taking pictures.

The 60D has an LCD screen on the top of the camera where as the T3i does not, I could see how this would be nice for stills mode but to be honest I never looked at it, I just use the back of the screen.

The 60D has an electronic level which is pretty cool, I can see using this since I find the bubbles in the tripods and heads to be very frustrating.

The 60D has a different battery, I didn’t get a chance to run a battery test but from the specs it appears it lasts much longer, 60D at 1600 shots and the T3i at 550 shots. Also I like the 60D’s charger better.

The 60D has more ISO values to pick from, but to be honest I don’t know what are the native ISO for this sensor that they have in common.

Couple of things to mention that are the same for both is they both use SD cards, they both have manual audio controls, and they both have the articulating screen.

I like how the 60D fits in my large hand, especially if I am carrying it without a strap. However it is heavier which I know other people like, but I would rather have it lighter. The outer construction of the two cameras seem very similar.

Check this out for some reason the 60d has this annoying meter compared to the T3i. When you are the T3i the meter behaves nicely but on the 60D it jumps.

So is the 60D worth $100 more than the T3i? If you are shooting more pictures than movies, perhaps a little bit, but if you shot more movies than pictures I would say no, use that extra $100 for a better lens.

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  • I was waiting for you to compare these two cams. it came just in time as I just sold my GH2 for either the t3i or 60D. this video was one of your best reviews yet. I like all the cut aways. now I am thinking if I should get the t2i just because of magic lantern. I’m sure the t3i will be hacked very soon. hey Dave could you do some test with your hacked t2i on the Qscale. so we can see if their is noticable diffrence in a higher bit rate. the GH2 in 1080 records at 24 bit rate. this is why the GH2 has such better video quality then any of the cameras. Thanks

  • Hi Dave. Great video. There one thing that i could not figure out for the 600D. Could I set it to use any of the WB presets if I do not set a custom WB in the movie mode? mine always seem to be in the AWB mode.

  • Hi Dave, the battery on the 60D also has more precise information on its remaining duration.
    My 60D never shut downs by temperature when I used for a long time. And my t2i did. Can you test the t3i in that matter?
    The top LCD come in handy to me in video when someone else uses the camera with a LCD viefinder and I want to know is the settings are ok without disturbing.
    Great review Dave!


    PD: You forget to mention the new zoom feature of the t3i.

  • Dig the website. This is an interesting comparison of the two cameras, but why does no one focus on the lack of iso and kelvin values on the rebel line. The additional 1/3 stop range on iso lets you fudge just a little more before stepping into noise (the jump from 400 to 800 kills me, if I could be at 640 that would be cool). Also the kelvin levels allow you to warm up or cool down the white balance in a shot if need be. Aren’t those worth the additional $100 to $200 bucks for these features present in the 60d?

  • IMHO for $100 difference who wouldn’t take the 60D over the T3i??? We’re not talking hundreds or a thousand $$$$ here like the difference towards the 5D.
    The 60D also offers the Cusotm white balance where you can dial in your temperature manually and it offers the native ISO’s—-Just awesome!!

    For a 100$ you’re not going to get an ‘L’ lense anyways so why not spend it on the superior camera…’s peanuts.

    I have a 7D and love it but wouldn’t hesitate to buy the 60D over it had I had the choice back then when I purchased it. But to purchase the T3i over the 60D…..Not a chance!!! Because of $100…No way…..

  • Like others have said once magic lantern comes out for the t3i everything will be just groovy. I am going with the t3i because I like the digital 3x zoom. So the t3i with magic lantern has every thing as far as video that the 60d has plus the zoom. 🙂

  • I have yet to load ML onto my T2i and I probably will eventually. But I’m pretty sure there are several people who don’t want to load their camera with ML because of overheating issues, and the additional prep it requires. At the very least, it should be noted that the T3i lacks several pro additions without ML involved. I read review after review saying that the T2i was a 7d without the housing, but after being out in the field, the latitude that iso values and custom kelvin temps showed me why the 7d was better.

    Bottom line, people should know that the rebel line needs Magic Lantern, to compete with the 60d, 5d, and 7d.

  • This is a really good video review. I’m really happy with the 60D in the studio here. You’ve come a long way with your skills since the beginning of this website!

  • These tests are really interesting and influence the kind of gear we may buy. but the look of the test depends not ony in the gear but of the encoding options of the editing soft and youtube encoding. I would like to see the same test on vimeo also to compare.
    thanks dave

  • I shoot with the 60d, much better camera IMO, shutter mechanics make a huge difference. Batteries are also a lot more capable. We use ours for everything, product shots, commercial shoots, and I take it on vacations sometimes. for $100 you get a camera that will last you a lot longer mechanically, and you don’t have to worry about running unstable 3rd party firmware.

  • Where are you guys only seeing a $100 difference? With a lense I can find the T3i for $850 but the 60d is about $1200.

    If I just do the body only there is still a $200 difference.

  • I have to agree with William here.

    I have been scouring the web for weeks and the smallest difference I could find between the 60D and the t3i was over $200. (Body only).

    I went for the t3i and have put the difference towards a sigma 17-50mm f/2.8 EX DC HSM OS. Being less than an expert, it seemed that with both of them sharing essentially the same imaging technology, an upgrade to the kit lens would be a better spend than having more bells and whistles.
    Being interested in the HD video boom, I was also swayed by the digital zoom (although I am dubious about quality it might deliver).

    At the end of the day, I have simply been enjoying Daves casual passion about Canon cameras and the joy they’ve given him, so much so that my Nikon kit is destined to hit ebay very shortly to pay for my new found Canon bug!

    Keep it up Dave, I’m sure the Canon “Demo gear” will be piling up on your doorstep as their sales spike every time you post another of your disarming and informative clips.

  • I love this your reviews Dave. I also get a bit of a personal chuckle out of the fact that you kind of remind me a bit of Bob Odenkirk too… I have a T3i and am a bit intrigued about the 60D now… maybe if a get body only and share lenses between them?

  • Pro cinematographers using Canon DSLRs like Vincent Laforet & Philip Bloom claim that the native ISOs are less noisy than the electronic ISOs(only for video). I believe that the t3i only shows the multiples of 100, 200,400, 800 etc… Therefore the native ISOs are the multiples of 160, 320, 640 etc.. which are only available of the 60d and more expensive cameras. Therefore I would personally go for the 60d.

  • I use the the 60D. I had the 7D and sold it because of the overheating problem and audio.

    I use the the 160, 320, 640 exclusively so I would not buy a Rebel. I don’t like the shutter sound either.

    The 60D has a digital zoom as well. 640×480 crop mode is a huge digital zoom. It works well during daylight when heat waves are around. I have blown up the images to HD and it looks as good because the heat waves reduce the resolution.

    Here are some examples:

  • thank you SO much for this
    I’ve been thinking about buying one of these cameras, and since I shoot video the most, this was the perfect comparison post for me! +1 man!

  • I was also confused between the two cameras i.e T3i and the 60D , but when I figured out that the battery supplied with 60D gives much more than double time , as compared to the battery with T3i ,so I think 60D is worth its price , because if you get an extra battery for T3i the difference between the two comes very close.So finally I bought 60D last week.

  • Thanks for the interesting review Dave.
    Guys, very quickly, how do you set the 60d for the multiple native ISOs i.e. 160,320,onwards? I can only see multiple of 100s (100,200,400,and so on).

  • I have a question about these two cameras. Can i view the prospective picture/ subject on the 3 in screen? for photo and for video? I am hoping to use the 3 in screen in place of the little view finder. a friend of mine who has a t2i rebel said he cannot use the screen for the viewfinder on his and this is a very big deal for me.



  • I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “It’s not the arrow, it’s the Indian”, and I am sure there is some skill involved with video and photography. However, I object to a person who uses a Ruger and makes the bullet look like an arrow and says, “And you too can shoot like a pro!”.

    Look, I like Dave, he seems like a nice guy, but let’s just say that the videos he makes and the videos I make are quite dissimilar (to put it mildly). In fact, from my perspective…too dissimilar. I recently purchased a Canon EOS 60D, the kit lens, the 50 prime, an ND Filter, a polarizing Filter, a Pico Dolly, and a bunch of other stuff on Amazon which has not yet arrived, but which I will be returning shortly. (Note: I wanted to help support Dave’s website by purchasing the Tokina Lens through the link, but of course, the B & H website was down…kind of makes you wonder if these guys know what they are doing…go figure).

    In my opinion, many DSLR guys on the web make these ridiculously fantastic quality videos and they tell the rest of the world that this is what consumers/prosumers (ie “suckers”) can actually expect to get from their cameras and other gear they like to sell like hucksters. Only problem is, I have a strong suspicion that they are not actually using those cameras. I’m not going to get into details, but I have a hard time believing those shots were made on the Canon Rebel. I kind of feel like I’ve been hoodwinked, and that these videos are like the 2:AM infomercial that gets you to impulsively buy the snuggy.

    Quite frankly, I will be returning ALL my Canon gear because all the videos I have made look like dog s…. (it rhymes with spit, for those who got this far). In fact, I was just comparing my $350 Powershot Camera with the footage I took with the Canon EOS, and to my surprise, the $350 Powershot produced far better footage than the EOS 60D. The only downside to the Powershot was that it does not track well, and it sort of skips. However, you can fix that in Final Cut Pro X with “Rolling Shutter”.

    In fact, my iPhone 4S takes better footage than the Canon 60D! Don’t believe me? Check out this video where they compare an iPhone 4S with the Canon Mark 5D. Don’t see a difference? My point EXACTLY!!!!!!!! Note, the guys over there at Crumplepop are not exactly a bunch of amateurs. They know what they are doing.

    So what setting did I use, you ask with suspicion? The same exact settings Dave and Phillip Bloom use. I shoot raw, no sharpening, all that stuff. I use the correct ISO settings every time.

    In particular, there is one video where Dave is out camping and he has this panning shot of his minivan in the timelapse video. Come on…he REALLY shot that with the Canon Rebel? I think NOT! That’s kind of like saying Ray Charles painted the Cistine Chapel with some dull crayons.

    I’m guessing that was shot with a Red, or some $50,000+ camera for which you would need a perfect credit score, and a second mortgage on your home. From my limited experience with my Canon EOS 60 D, I can tell you right now, that shot where he pans across his minivan that looks so gorgeous and fantastic was NOT done with a Canon with a price point anywhere under $20,000!

    So for those of you who watch Dave’s videos with lust…don’t kid yourselves. Just as buying a pair of Michael Jordan sneakers won’t enable you to dunk from the free-throw line, it is equally foolish to think that you can produce those videos with the kind of DSLR’s that Dave and Phillip Bloom ALLEGEDLY use.

    Do yourself a favor. Get a $300 Canon Point & Shoot, (or iPhone 4s), Final Cut Pro X ($299), and just work with that. In the end, you will be able to make some pretty good videos (not as good as Dave’s or Bloom’s), but then again…do you want to take out another mortgage on your home?

    I didn’t think so.

  • @Andrew I am not sure how to respond to your comment. On one hand I am happy (laughing actually because of the way you worded it) that you think my work looks that good and on the other i am thinking of ways that I can prove to you that I am actually using a T2i.

    I shoot with a T2i – really.

  • Hi,
    My parents purchased the t3i for me as a gift, i have yet to open it and not sure if I should just take it in for an upgrade to the 60D majority of my film consists of bands live performances, skaters and documentary interviews. do you think it will matter?

  • @brooke if you are mostly shooting video I would stick to the T3i and use the extra money on lenses. But if you are shooting sport pictures I would get the 60d.

  • Hey Dave. Quick question. I’m debating between these two cameras… but not sure if the 60d warrants the price difference. The T3i is on sale for $700…but the 60d is $1300. It’s almost double the cost. I’m planning to shoot movies of my dogs but also want to take pictures. Both tasks are equally important to me.

  • thx for detailed explanations … I was in complete dynamo among the 60d and 600D which one to buy. I have decided 18-200 canon lense.. base body was in confusion. Now i’m clear i take more photos in both outdoor (to 3 months son while playing) and indoor (to take 5 months daughter’s naughty actions.) having little heavy body(for 18-200mm len) and good battery would be sufficient, all other features i required are same in both.. correct me if my understanding is wrong..

  • Dear Dave
    Actually I would like to get more photographs than a video, I am a amateur photographer (or just another guy with a cam who likes photography). As I have tried to capture all scenic beauties till now with my ‘Mobiles’ & ‘canon Ixus 120’, I was thinking of getting a DSLR to get more clear pics. I used to adjust all the parameters i had and the control of light by tilting the cam and giving shades with hand :D. I would like to carry around everywhere this cam and photograph anything good I see

    Right now my main comparison is between 600D and 60D. 60D is a bit high priced but sill if the quality of images are good then i can get an extra for that.
    I don’t know much about native iso, or the maximum shutter speed of 1/8000. and sports photography is a rare case. I wanted to know if this camera 60D with this extra battery back up and good casing is worth the pay
    I also heard that there is a difference of manual settings. 30 for 600D and 59 for 60. Are they worth ? then what are they actually ?
    I tried both on a store here and i felt 60D produced a luxury cam feel on the images (;)) and a bit more handy even if the sizes were big. I don’t know if I am right as i have not used any much till date.

    which one should i go for. Please advice me.

  • I’ve never read an article with this many grammatical mistakes… “The 60D has more ISO values to choice from” “to be honest I didn’t notice the different when I was switch between the two cameras”

  • @Anonymous sorry about that, no excuse for that. Most people watch the video and don’t read the text. But I guess you get what you pay for – it’s free.

  • Hi Dave!

    I was just wondering if you ever had a shutter life replaced when it ran out. Is it recommendable? Like does it have future problems? Or is it just better to buy a new camera?

    My parents recently bought me a 60D, thanks to your video that helped us decide, and I was thinking about if I could use it frequently (because I’m the type who could take thousands of photos within a week) or I should tone down a bit.

  • Thank you for the review Dave! It seems the cross-type AF points and manual Kelvin white balance features are the only significant difference for me… and I just wish Canon never created this “7D” (to replace the 50D) and “60D” (to “upgrade Rebels” and downgrade the 50D) confusion… I’m shooting a Rebel XTi/400D with CF cards and the7D is the only “upgrade” path for me unless I want to mix CF/SD cards now, but then the 7D and T3i have the same sensor… so I’ll just keep waiting for Canon to innovate something truly great.

    Myth Busting – Please note that Native ISOs are 100,200, etc. The ISOs 160/320/etc were pulled (less highlights/less shadow noise), and the 125/250/etc were pushed (less shadow/more noise). That was the reason for 160 looking better than 100, that it was actually 200, cut by a third in software, and why 125 looked worse than 200, because it was 100 pushed in software. Please read the entire post and comments. For photos, it’s probably better to reduce the noise in post processing software on your computer… I don’t know about editing video so in that case you may want to shoot one of the “pulled” ISOs (160/320/etc) if you expect to have shadow noise.

    Custom White Balance vs. Manual/Kelvin White Balance – The Rebel/xxxD series does “Custom White Balance” (shoot a grey card, select image for custom white balance), what they not offer is Manual Kelvin White Balance where you dial in the Kelvin temperature directly (e.g. 2800k to 10,000K). Rebels have the WB modes for Sunny, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Cloudy, Shade, etc however.

  • Great review, but one thing you did not mention is that the 60d comes with an 18-135 mm kit lens vs. an 18-55mm kit lens for the t3i. Definitely worth the extra bucks for the 69d with the better lens.

  • I’m going to buy T3i. Which lens is best for both landscape and portrait with affordable price?

  • Hi Dave, I’m totally new to videoing and live streaming and I have a few questions I would like some professional advise on please.

    I want to do the following :

    I want to run a daily 35min live stream interview show.

    I then want to take that footage and edit it to a snappy 15min vid and then post it to you tube.

    So here are some of my questions and issues.

    I want to shoot it with external camera and live feed to my PC to stream

    What is better DSLR or camcorders for streaming ?
    What will give me the most professional look?

    Some people online has suggested camcorders are a dying breed and DSLR is the future but many don’t know how they measure up with live streaming.

    I currently have my eye on the Canon 60D
    With Canon EOS 50mm/F1.8 Ef Lens (Mk11)
    With Professional Softbox Studio Lighting Kit with 2x85w 5400K

    Many people are singing the 60D praises but there is not much info out there on how it measures up for live streaming. Some even say the sensor over heats and camera shuts down after 30min in live view mode.

    I have also read that with DSLR’s there is no way to get a video stream and still see what you are doing. HDMI out shuts off the LCD…sends the LCD signal down the HDMI connection. So you’ll be blind. Not only that, but the image isn’t a clean one…it is the LCD display

    Is this a good kit that I have put together ? Will it serve my needs?

    What would work best cam or DSLR and what models would you recommend?

    Any advise and recommendations would greatly be appreciated I wanna do this right 1st time and have a super professional look.

    Thank you very much – I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best wishes,

  • @brian, im using the rebel xti 400d as well and it is my first DSLR and im sorry i have outgrown it. you can only use the viewfinder ant the lcd for photos, it has no video mode, and only takes those giant CF cards…its time to move on.

  • Hey Dave, im using a rebel xti. I am have only been a photographing seriously for 6 months but I have met the limitations of this camera. I also want to start doing music videos as well. Is the video quality of the 60d, 7d, and t3i all the same?

  • Dave, thank you so much for your review between the 60d and the T3i. I have looked at a review that indicated that shooting sports might not be the best on the t3i, but the reviewer did not indicate why. Went to a local shop and the salesman indicated we would be happier with the 60D. Due to your review I’m able to make an intelligent decision between the two. We have two boys in sports, competitive swimming and tennis and wanted to capture them in action. Due to your review, I now know the right choice for us is the 60D. Thanks so much, keep up the great work, and I’m going to subscribe to your learning videos!

  • I have been shooting my 30D for many years. Lots of sports and car shows. Ready to move on and needed to know difference between these 2 cameras. I have great lenses so body only is for me. I agree body only price difference is more like $200, but worth it for me. I am disappointed in the lock on the mode dial. I agree it doesn’t make any sense. Your review is just what I was looking for and very helpful. Thanks Dave.

  • hey dave i am a student still in high school i live in canada i just bought the t3i (major upgrade from my E-520) and am trying to figure out wether or not i may want to upgrade to the 60d and return my t3i. i would hardly ever use video but i do take tons of pics i take a lot of football pics for my football club and i take a bunch of scenery and portraits. does the 60D have the same features that the t3i does in the way of the built in features and I’m a little hesitant to get the 60d because of the fact that its a full frame camera and I’m not the total camera guru so i would be a little bit worried about the fact that it might be a little bit more difficult to operate.(t3i costs 800 with reg kit lens, and 60d costs 1149 with a 18-200mm (i do already have a 70-300mm and a 55mm) i would love your opinion and help with this

  • hey sir .. i really like the way you explain the differences .. now i got what i want .. i going for t3i i am getting t3i including regular len 18-55 which is 870$(including tax from and 60d body online is 899 +80 $ tax which is 979 so i guess i should stay with .. t3i save my money .. and get better lens .. 😛 … thanks a lot for all you help .. 😛

  • Just bought the Canon 60D this past weekend… So far, so good! I also bought the EF 50mm f/1.8 lens that you suggested on your “gear” page… Clicked the link you provided & bought it from B&H Photo… Hopefully, you got some credit!

    Anyways, thanks for all the great information that you provide here… It is *much* appreciated!!! 🙂

  • I had two t3i,s. Was able to find a 60d super cheap on craigslist. New in box. Just logged on at the right time. Now I love the 60d. Sturdier..faster for sports. If you are doing more video than sport pics/photoshoots, get the t3i. I would say get one of each if you can. Thanks Dave…you totally rock!!

  • Hi,

    I’ll be honest, this is the first video of yours I have watched and I found it really helpful. It was so great to see the images side by side and get a real comparison.

    That being said, you missed one point that I was hoping you would cover – comparing the ease of use for a beginner.

    I love photography but have never been able to afford a DSLR – however with my wedding coming up I have a friend who is offering to help me buy one as a wedding gift. I would be using it for photos – I love macro and wildlife photography and my favourite subjects is my hyper dog and 2 year old God daughter. I also hope that within the next few years I will be having a child of my own and will be photographing them a lot. So action shots will be happening!

    I would 99% of the time be using it for photos – so the 60D seems the clear winner. However a few things hold me back, 1 is that the T3i is lighter and easier to take on vacations, outings and on walks. The other (and biggest thing) is that I have heard in another review that the T3i is a better place to start as a beginner. I am worried that I will be overwhelmed by the 60D. But I want to grow with the camera and learn as much as I can.

    I would really appreciate your opinion when it comes down to the 60D vs the T3i.

    Thanks and once again – great review!

  • I’m an amateur hobbiest at best. I was debating between the t3i, the 60d and the 7d to upgrade my XTi. Love your review of the 60d and t3i. I thought I had managed to take the t3i out of the running, but then I saw another review that said the 60d had an annoying meter compared to the t3i, that it jumps. Compared to my xti will I even notice? And also the 6d doesn’t have AF micro-adjustment but the 7d does.

    My question is.. is the meter problem and lack of AF micro-adjustment a good enough reason not to get the 60D? Those are the only two things stopping me from getting it.

    Thinking of getting the Canon 15-85mm IS as a walk-around lens… thought?

    Rebel XTi with lens kit
    Canon 50m f1.4
    Canon 100mm f2.8
    Speedlight 430EX

  • Just bought the 60D for $1480 after tax at .

    Things that i dislike about the camera.

    1. LCD doesn’t rotate the portrait picture.
    2. I have a hard time see the options when i shoot in the dark to capture cityscape.
    3. Can’t figure out how to live view using LCD even though it say “live view is enabled”.

    Final thoughts. I think Nikon will be a better choice for me in DSLR choice. Canon is good for point and shoot cameras. Fujifilms will be good for mix in between hybrids since they are cheap and have nice zoom.

    Those are just my opions

  • you failed to mention aperture difference in the cameras the rebel t3i only goes to 5.8 the 60d goes to what 2.8? this does make a big difference in photography so you can get much better images from the 60D plus it has better water barriers than the t2i or t3i. its worth the hundred dollars I feel.

  • @Sally I’m not sure what you are saying. Both cameras will have an f-stop much lower than 2.8 or 5.6 because it depends on the lens and not the camera.

  • I have both these cameras. They both get used on same subject matter at same time. Night shots, day shots, macros, etc. I can’t tell any difference in picture quaility. I don’t shoot video. That said, I like 60D better as it’s easier to hold on to.

  • I’ve seen a little more of a price difference between the cameras. I’ve been looking at kits with the 18-135mm lens. The best I’ve seen on the T3i kit with this lens has been around 849, and I just ordered the 60d kit for 999. I figured either would have been a good upgrade from my Rebel XT. I don’t know if I’ll use it for video much, but I’ll definitely be using it for lots of pictures of wildlife, family, and my kids sporting and school events (inside and out). Hopefully the 60d was a wise choice. If it works well for video, thats a bonus.

  • I saw on best that the d60 has a image resolution of 640 x 480 is that correct or what

  • Pushing the limit on bit rate.

    Has anyone pushed this limit on the T2i,T3i, or 60d?

    Dave, pls correct me if I have this wrong, with magic lantern and pushing the bit rate higher, still frame pulls from the video would have less compression?

  • Thanks for the awesome side by side comparison. Great to see the photos/videos in this way and to see the features compared in this way. Very helpful in deciding between these two! I think the 60D might win out for me.

  • Dave, thanks for the great review! It’s exactly what I needed, because all I keep thinking is “they seem like identical cameras”…

    One question: Do either of these models have an audio in, microphone jack?

    Thank you, Gary

  • Thanks for the comparison – lots of good information for someone like me who is trying to figure out a back up camera and I already have the Canon Rebel t3i and I love it. Since I want a back up camera (or possibly the one I have to be a back up), I am considering an upgrade to the 60d. I have 3 lenses right now and want to make sure that if I do go with the 60d, that I can use the lenses I have now that I use on my rebel t3i. I have a 50 mm 1.4f stop prime lens, plus the 2 lenses that came with my rebel kit – the 55-250 mm 4.5-5.6, and the 18-55 lens. I am also wantig to get more lenses – but I wondered if that will be a problem as the rebel is not a full frame camera, – will lenses I am looking at be usable on the 60d? (Looking at EFA 17-55 f2.8 lens and a 35 mm lens) thanks so much!

  • I watched this video before purchasing my Canon 60D. This is a camera that’s going to be with me for years, so $100 or $200 isn’t super significant.

    CostCo has (and again currently) has the 60D with the 18-200mm lens kit, generic (but fast) 8GB chip, big Canon bag, HDMI cable and a tutorial DVD for $1249 (normally $1299). I could not find a T3i with that lens for anywhere near that price so it was a no-brainer to get the 60D.

    But getting the 60d with that lens (that I’ve always wanted) for that price seemed to be the right choice so far.

    Why did I want the T3i? Because it’s closer to the size of my Digital Rebel XT (350D) and those other models seem like they are huge. I’ve had this for a a month (or 2) now, and it’s huge. I’ve actually considered taking it back for that reason (I probably won’t), it’s just SO much heavier and larger, it’s something that I think will always bug me. Hopefully I’ll keep this body until they build in GPS photo tagging into the camera.

    Otherwise, I love the Canon 60D. It’s fast and I love the huge display. The images are hard to see on the display outside, but but the contrast is high enough that it hasn’t been a problem for changing settings at all.

    I also dislike the lock on the mode knob. I’ve gotten used to it now, but where it’s going to be a hassle is shooting outside in the cold. The glove will need to come off…

    I’ve gotten very used to the LCD on the top, I can do most of my settings there and through the viewfinder. All the settings are in the big display too, but I keep that closed so flipping that open takes me more time.

    In the video the buffer filled up way sooner on the T3i and it didn’t even take as many pictures in the same time frame. I love this feature.

    I think the viewfinder is bigger too, but I don’t see a big difference. Maybe if I went back I’d notice…?

    Thank you for the video…

  • Hi Dave- Trying to get a dslr for the girlfriend. Frys has the T3i for 599 + tax with 18-55mm lens, and the 60D with 18-135mm for 1199 + tax. What is the better buy for a enthused beginner? Thanks so much!

  • Hi Dave with Canon eos 600d prices reduced,it costs around INR 38000 whereas Canon eos 60D still costs INR 60000. It the cost difference justifiable, Can 60d prices also reduce?

  • Hi Dave.
    Could you help me please? I’m sorry for my bad english, i’m not an American.
    I really don’t know what camera buy, i’m thinking on two options, but i don’t know what is better (i’m saying on values). I will take more photos than videos. The options are:

    1) Canon T3i/600D with lens EF-S 18-135mm IS (U$ 1078)
    2) Canon T4i/650D with lens EF-S 18-55mm II IS (U$ 980)

    Please, help me. Thank you so much.

  • I hadn’t done much research on comparable models to the T3i, because when I heard about its features in terms of filmmaking, I knew I’d be set. I had a T2i for a little while and had a good time with it, but it’s overheating issues really started to get annoying.

    That said, I didn’t look at the 60D mainly because I was under the assumption it was far more expensive. I was surprised to hear that it was only $100 more at the time of this article’s posting. However, based on your review, I agree with your suggestion to save the $100 and put it toward the 50mm 1.8 lens, which is ultimately what I was planning anyway.

  • Dave,
    Thank you for the great review! I am a newbie to DSLRs and came across your website while educating myself on the subject. After seeing your review I decided it was not worth spending the extra dollars on a 60D. Ended up ordering a Refurbished 3ti with 18-55mm lens from Canon’s website. They run specials every week. I paid $447 + tax and free shipping in Dec 2012 for orders above $100. I am planning to buy all additional pieces one by one or in small bundles after reading some more reviews – remote, flash, UV filter, camera bag, etc. BTW, refurbished 18-135mm lens runs for $200 (normally $449) on Canon’s website.