Quick video about a new toy I got and a conference I am heading to.

I am heading to VidCon tomorrow. VidCon is a conference in LA for YouTubers. I think it is sold out, but if you are going let me know and I would like to meet up perhaps have a few beers.

I got a new Aputure Timer Remote – Intervalometer for Timelapse and I plan on trying it out at the conference. It was only $22.

Update, I have tried it and it works pretty well.

But I still have more to learn on this one to be like Tom Lowe.


My TimeLapse Tests

After I made this video I learned that I was not dragging my shutter enough.

Canon T2i has been discontinued, replacement is the Canon T6i: B&H | Amazon


Check out my course I have to get you up to speed quickly with your camera.

Some Photos From VidCon:
YouTube Partner Meet-Up VidCon2010

iJustine and Philip DeFranco at VidCon 2010


  • Great Dave! I didn’t get a chance in my busy schedule to do anything with it yet, let me know when you have something up. Very cool.

  • Thanks Dave. It took about a month and a half to compile enough footage for that 2 min. video! I’m giving my camera a break… but I’m getting ready to do some star time lapse movies next.

    Love the site!

  • Thanks to this tip I just ordered the $22 part off Ebay that you recommended, and will be trying my hand at timelapse with the camera soon. I’ll be following your site more often!

  • Hey Dave, loved your timelapse video. Thanks for sharing your insight with us. I just ordered one of these remotes myself and was wondering how long it took you to get yours. I would love to have some idea, I expect it may take a bit due to the fact that its shipping from china.

  • Can you make a tutorial how to work with Word Press? Your page is fantastic a d luck very professional.

  • @David I use a template called Arras, since it is not DSLR related I probably won’t. There are tons of great sites out there on the topic.

  • Hi Dave. I just bought a Aputure timer remote controller (AP-TR1C) and I can´t make it work with my EOS 550D. I can only take single shots by pressing the release button on the controller. I set my camera to self-timer and the controller on either self or interval timer mode but can´t take images when I press Start/Stop! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.