Better feature than I thought!

In my last video I know I kind of down played this feature but in the type of lighting situation I thought it worked really well.

I used the Sigma 30mm 1.4 lens in this video and the Canon T3i.

This took place at my daughter’s piano recital today.″>


  • hmm yeah it does a good job at around 3-5x like you said, at 10x would probably not be good for profession projects, maybe for events like these. Oh and by the was, do you export in a lower quality for youtube to shorten the upload time? Ive noticed your videos have this strange compression issue, all most like an edging or aliasing going on… maybe its just me.

    Anyway, have you got your hands on a Lumix GH2? I’d enjoy your insight on it, you seem to have a good judgement on quality, and i’ve herd the GH2 does a great job with aliasing.

  • Dave,
    I’m glad I clicked on this video (I watch most of them anyway). However, much like you, I didn’t quite understand the benefit of this new feature even though I thought it was pretty cool because I could simply reach out further than I previously could. But now that you’ve pointed out the ability to use a prime lens and having it effectively turn into a zoom with your widest aperture remaining in tact through the entire range (something you pay a lot of money for in a nice zoom lens), I finally get the power of this feature. Very cool. I currently own a T2i and 60D with no plans to get the T3i but I’m glad I understand this feature better. Your videos are great, keep up the great work.

  • Dave does that mean that you are only doing a digital zoom of the available resolution? Is the camera blowing up the Hi def image (loosing pixels) or resampling the sensor and retaining the pixel amount? Do you have a res chart to see what happens when you zoom?

    I couldn’t tell from the video if the artifacts (fringe) around the performer was a video error or lens error (Chromatic Aberation).

  • I wonder the quality difference from using the digital zoom and zooming in post, assuming the focus is right on

  • Dave,

    I’m so glad you are playing with the T3I features! I bought the camera several months ago so I’m definitely looking forward to more of your reviews 🙂
    What settings did you shoot this video? I am sure the concert hall was dark and didn’t have the best lighting but the footage looks great!
    I am completely new to DSLR but I’m very excited about all of its capabilities.
    Thanks again for this post!

  • amazing video and depiction of the zoom capabilities of Canon. Surely they have come a long way from the copier business leaving Xerox in the parc

  • David i am asking u a question why digital zoom starts from 3x to 10x in t3i
    why not 1x – 10x it would be more flexible for man who is shooting video directly star zooming from 1x to 10x no need for a zoom lense