Are they the same? Should you bother upgrading?

Canon T4i 650D $800 vs Canon T5i 700D $749

  • Same 18.0MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
  • Same DIGIC 5 Image Processor
  • Same 5.0 fps Continuous Shooting.
  • Same AF in Movies
  • Same 9-Point All Cross-Type AF System


  • T4i: Approx. 18.3 oz. / 520 g (body only)
  • T5i  Approx. 18.5 oz. / 525g (Body only)

Mode Dial

When in live view you can rotate the dial and the mirror will stay up on the T5i (but not the T4i).

Scene Mode Position for T5i

The SCN setting on the Mode dial activates a choice of scenes to features like Night Portrait, HDR Backlight Control, Handheld Night Scene.

I would say it is harder to access this way on the T5i. But having the dial go all the way around is nice I guess, worth it to upgrade no.

You can see the effects of the photo filters in real time on the T5i (not the t4i).

Canon’s Specs

  • AF Assist Beam T4i: (2) Effective range: Approx. 13.1 ft./4 m. at center, approx. 11.5 ft /3.5 m. at periphery
  • AF Assist Beam T5i: (2) Effective range: Approx. 13.2 ft. / 4m at center, approx. 11.5 ft. / 3.5m at periphery

Canon Should Be Embarrassed They are Being Out Engineered By Hackers [Rant]

Normally they give us a lot of  innovation at the Rebel line like a tilt out screen or a touch screen to make us upgrade. However we are seeing no innovation at all here, I mean come on, a dial that rotates all the way around is not innovation, perhaps all innovation has stopped at Canon, perhaps they think they made the perfect camera and it can’t be improved upon, or perhaps the engineers has some awesome cameras for us but the management won’t let them be release in fear that might hurt their other more expensive products.

$200 Million a QTR in R&D?

But when we look the $200 million Canon spent last QTR for R&D expense for just their imaging systems department (includes projectors and printers as well) this is all we get is a new dial and a aps-c sensor that has been around since 2009? That’s 800 million a year!

But do you know who is innovating and kicking some ass? The Magic Lantern team who does not have access to the $800 million budget or even access to anything like Canon’s code they have created their own that runs on top of Canon’s software and doesn’t contain any Canon code. They have unlocked a ton of new image quality by letting us shoot raw 14bit video now! Check out how the T3i with ML well out performs the new Canon T5i. Now if I was an engineer at Canon I would be embarrassed that I was being out engineered by an open source community that is powered by just donations Mountain Dew and pizza.

In my opinion releasing the T5i was the wrong thing to do for Canon with everything that is going on with Magic Lantern and Black Magic how seems hell bent on making Canon look bad by offering a $1,000 camera that has 13 stops of dynamic range and shoots raw. I hope Canon wakes up and seems the coffee and start to innovate again, if not they can give me the 800 million a year!

Canon T5i 700D vs. T4i 650D

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5D Mark3
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  • Wait, Dave! Check 700D video modes! I heard that 3x crop mode 1920×1080 is back which was in 600D, but removed in 650D!
    It is very useful feature! (moire aliasing free and making your standard zoom lens become tele-lens)

  • Hi Dave.

    Was it a rant or just stating facts?
    Who knows ; )

    Anyway, have you tried the ML on
    the T5i?

    Thank you…Lu

  • @Dave
    Oh… So sad!
    3x crop mode return was mentioned in CNet preview of 700D. Now it is replaced with review – and there is no info about it…

    I found saved copy of CNet preview. Just look:
    Canon EOS Rebel T5i: T4i redux

    There are some small enhancements, including a new finish; 360-degree rotation mode dial plus the addition of scene mode; a return of digital zoom during movie recording (which had disappeared in the T4i “upgrade” from the T3i); and real-time preview of creative filters in Live View.

  • Dave, you almost got angry 🙂 Was nice to watch your rant, something different from your “usual” stuff 🙂

  • Rant more Dave! Your commentary was spot on and refreshing. We need more of that. – J

  • Is there a way to petition to Canon to give us features that we need?
    I want 5x and 10x zoom recording again! <– only way to do it is via external recorder (assuming you have clean HDMI)

    Also, they need to implement focus peaking (similar to Sony NEX).

    And take the mirrorless market seriously. Have you seen what the NEX and metabones are doing?

  • Canon Exec: So tell us what new features you have for the next release.

    Canon R&D: Well we modified the mode dial so it turns all the way around.

    Canon Exec: You mean you no longer have to turn it back and forth?

    Canon R&D: That’s right.

    Canon Exec: That’s brilliant! I always hated turning it backwards.

  • Rant more Dave!

    Canon is probably dumping all the R&D $ into C300 series which are overpriced.