Here is a quick tip for those traveling light and wanting to get a slider like effect.

When we go to Maui our family loves to stop by at Cheese Burger in Paradise, this is where I figured out this little trick.

Cullman mini tripod pricing.

Mini Tripod
Mini Tripod


  • I got the same mini-tripod you mentioned here after your recommendation of it on one of your earlier videos. I was messing around with it at home sliding it around like you did here but I never really explored it more than an idea. It’s cool that you’re able to get smooth shots with it – I’ll have to practice more!

  • Fantastic idea, and great timing as I just purchased this from your B&H link and I love it. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Love This Dave! With the crazy run and gun that I do this could really come in handy when I can’t afford to have a slider on me. So going to use this nifty find.


  • Sometimes its the simple things that are so cool… love it. How about making a little dolly for the bottom of it?

  • I wonder if you could get smooth results from any other pocket tripod using those furniture slider pads. They have a super slipery surface and come as a disc, they are used for moving refrigerators etc. Lot’s of DSLR photogs will be looking for laminated tables now…

  • Bummer, they’re actually out of stock as of right now, but what an awesome little tripod. I’m thinking with that, a viewfinder and something on the focus ring (either a hand or a follow focus), and you have yourself a nice little steadycam too. Going to have to get one when they’re back in stock!

  • Dave, great video. I bought one right away from B&H but I think you are the reason they are out of stock now. 🙂

  • Dave, thanks for the tip. I just received mine from Adorama. And here’s another tip…I bought a 4-pack of furniture sliders, which I use on a tripod over a flat surface, and they’re perfect for this Culmann. For $6 you can’t go wrong. Get them here…