Not one of my best reviews, I just wanted to get it done.

Carryspeed VF-3

  • Their label fell off, not good for their branding.
  • Great construction.
  • Can’t walk and shoot with it, can’t monopod pan.
  • With VC you can get some awesome smooth pans
  • Can’t take pics well with it
  • Can’t stick in pocket
  • Like the plate has holes. More in center
  • Can’t see whole screen and record dot. Use grid lines to help.
  • Hard to see all the screen unless you smash the cup with your face.
  • Rubber a little hard.
  • A little hard to open without looking. Learn to do by feel.
  • Fits in case nicely.
  • Feels really solid will last
  • Learning exposure again, because it since its seems brighter.
  • Fog up when cold with the cup heat from your face.
  • If not tight against body you will see dust on screen as light gets in
  • Plastic drop 6 feet. Can’t get dust off. But can do good work focusing.


  • Hi Dave, nice review even though you were trying to get out the door quickly. I really enjoy using this viewfinder and probably the most annoying thing is not being able to see the red record indicator in the viewfinder when using it. Thanks for the tip about using the grid lines. But it has really helped me focus when out in the field. I use this combined with a pistol grip for added stability.

    I also made a quick video review when I first got my VF-3 and demonstrate how it works with a 7D, 5D MkII and T3i if anyone is interested:

    For me, this viewfinder was a no brainer when compared to the high price of the Zacuto (you can’t put the Zacuto in your pocket either). The VF-3 does an excellent job while saving a bunch of money!

  • I have own the Carryspeed VF-3 for 4 month now… Note that a newer version “VF-4” is out.

    The bad:
    #The body will easily get scrathes on it.
    #All screws feels plastic and have no weight at all…
    #The lens cover doesnt close 100%, still a glitch for sun to enter.
    #When looking throw the viewfinder, you dont see the whole area on your camera screen.
    #Very hard to mount the viewfinder tightly to the screen.
    #The diopter rotating ring should be tighter, it is to loose. Easy to turn it accidently.
    #Does feel like a toy. Doesnt feel like it is worth over $40.

    The good:
    #It does help with focusing when your outside.
    #Alot cheaper than other brands.
    #When mounted, it sits tight.
    #Can be mounted on many cameras

  • I own and like it as well. My only beef with it is it doesn’t line up when using rails with a follow focus or mattebox. Any suggestions?

  • I just bought the VF-4 LCD View Finder + Extension Bracket Bundle for about $168 including tax and shipping. The extension bracket let’s me put it onto my T2i with the extended battery grip in place.

    I concur with your assessment with the addition that I think the rubber eye-cup is too stiff and hard to conform to my face. I normally shoot with my glasses on so that precludes pushing it hard against my eye. I may try some DIY changes/additions to the eye-cup.

  • You are so right. Not your best review. If you didn’t want to do it don’t do it.

    It is in my view very disrespectful to start by appearing not to remember the correct model number. Although the model you were discussing is I believe still for sale. There is a later model (with improvements) which you could have shown more interest in.

    Would have been nice to see the product being used instead of watching you by the pool. I fully expected you to throw the unit into the water.

    To sum up not very professional.

  • Hey Dave, when the plate that attaches to the finder, the mounting holes for the tripod are off-center… resulting in the camera being off-center on the rails.matte box. Any wisdom on this?