Carryspeed VF-3 Review

Not one of my best reviews, I just wanted to get it done.


Carryspeed VF-3

  • Their label fell off, not good for their branding.
  • Great construction.
  • Can’t walk and shoot with it, can’t monopod pan.
  • With VC you can get some awesome smooth pans
  • Can’t take pics well with it
  • Can’t stick in pocket
  • Like the plate has holes. More in center
  • Can’t see whole screen and record dot. Use grid lines to help.
  • Hard to see all the screen unless you smash the cup with your face.
  • Rubber a little hard.
  • A little hard to open without looking. Learn to do by feel.
  • Fits in case nicely.
  • Feels really solid will last
  • Learning exposure again, because it since its seems brighter.
  • Fog up when cold with the cup heat from your face.
  • If not tight against body you will see dust on screen as light gets in
  • Plastic drop 6 feet. Can’t get dust off. But can do good work focusing.