I Caught Santa on Timelapse and a Couple of Things I Learned

The girls just loved this.


It was a lot of fun catching Santa in a time lapse the girls just loved it.

We were up in Estes Park Colorado over Christmas and I took a ton of video and a learn a couple of things while I was up in there in the mountains I thought I would share.

The first thing I learned, well I already know, but 720p has a ton more aliasing than 1080p. Check out how the trees the light up with aliasing at 720 here and compare it to the same trees at 1080 here. In the beginning I used to shoot mostly at 720p because I love to slow things down in post for several reasons, like one of them here is using my Manfrotto monopod as a steady cam to get decent walking shoots which is almost impossible with handheld at normal speeds. But now I shoot everything at 1080 unless I know I am going to slow something down in post or I am doing green screen work.

The other thing I learned it that I still have a long way to go when color correcting the color cast by florescent lighting when I have not done a custom white balance. I had been doing a lot of drinking before the Christmas dinner and was too lazy to do a custom white balance so I picked the white florescent white balance setting on the camera but that didn’t seem to help. I should have used magic lantern but I was too lazy for that as well. So what I learned is I need to custom white balance before I start drinking.

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New Konova Slider


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