LED hard light comparison, and some GH4 talk.

I’ve been looking for a hard light that can be modified into a soft light with a softbox for a while and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. In this review I talk about two LED’s one that is about $300 and the other $1,000.

Alzo 3000 vs Westcott SkyLux

I also talk about the new Panasonic GH4 as well in the beginning.


  • Hey Dave, loved this man, especially your idea of gutting one and creating a monster. In a month or so I’ll have my car-rigged led light idea done I reckon, look forward to sharing it with you ­čÖé

  • I love the idea of a consortium of us dslr guys chipping in on a Dave Dugdale kickstarter for an affordable light. Dave – you have the reputation to pull that off. Think about it. Imagine $299 for this awesome light and some charity that gets blessed with a portion of profits.

  • The spectrum of LED light is not a standard white light, the standard white light is full in spectrum(the way you correct it white, full of R G B and balanced). If you want to make it correct, give up in doing this way, because LED lightning is different.
    There are three main methods of mixing colors to produce white light from an LED:
    blue LED + green LED + red LED (color mixing; can be used as backlighting for displays)
    near-UV or UV LED + RGB phosphor (an LED producing light with a wavelength shorter than blue’s is used to excite an RGB phosphor)
    blue LED + yellow phosphor (two complementary colors combine to form white light; more efficient than first two methods and more commonly used)
    Because of metamerism, it is possible to have quite different spectra that appear white. However, the appearance of objects illuminated by that light may vary as the spectrum varies.

  • Thanks very much for doing this test. I’ve been wondering about these cheaper Alzo LEDs (also sold as Tristar and Helios Studioleuchte) vs whether the Westcott really were worth the extra money especially with being slightly less powerful.

  • Dave,

    I missed how you set up the GH4 prior to the still shots taken with each light device. Obviously you did not custom set the white balance for each shot.

    Also, it would be important to mention that different cameras will produce different color rendering results.