6 Things To Check Before Hitting the Movie Record Button On Your DSLR

These are the things I always check before recording video.


Run and Gun Style

  1. Resolution and frame rate
  2. AWB, if I have a few more seconds to spare I will see what the other WB settings look like on the screen
  3. ISO – inside outside?
  4. Picture Styles – normally shoot standard especially if I am running fast
  5. Shutter Speed – easy to jog it 50th for 1080 and 125th for 720
  6. then I check focus and hit record

Planned Shoot (Additional Items to Check)

  1. Custom white balance
  2. I will check the ‘blinky’s’ to see if I am over exposed anywhere (I am not too good at reading histograms yet)
  3. Use an 18% gray card to double check the exposure
  4. Double check the audio – disable the AGC on my t2i

Somethings I never check because I never change them

  1. AF mode – quick focus
  2. AF during movie – enable
  3. Movie exposure – manual
  4. Grid Display – grid 1
  5. Highlight Tone Priority – disable
  6. Always on Quick Focus using the center or top focus point,
  7. Auto Lighting Optimizer on standard.

Donation Shout-Out

Special thanks to Bill Voelker for the generous donation this week. Bill is only one of the very few freefall videographer that uses DSLR.  99.9% of them use Sony Camcorder.  You can check out Bill’s videos on YouTube.