I got to watch Chris Fenwick who has been an editor for many years to cut one of my videos.

I got to watch Chris Fenwick who has been an editor for many years to cut one of my videos while we were at NAB2014.

Warning this is a long video, but I think you will learn a lot like I did.

You can check out Chris Fenwick’s podcasts. Also check out his YouTube tutorials as well. Also his twitter feed.

In the video Chris mentions making a multicam sync tutorial, you can check it out on his site.

From the title of this video, I wanted this to be more about the techniques used by a seasoned editor rather than which NLE was used. I thought Chris did a nice job providing some informative tips.

I was traveling very light with just two cameras but no lighting, I moved the lighting around the best I could in the limited time we had to create this video.

Chris Edit.Still002


  • Dave, totally awesome video with @Chrisfenwick. You did more for the craft of editing than you will ever know. My buddy Bernie thought it was like listening to Walter Murch … You and Chris – Rock – (No Pun Intended!!).

    Thank you for all that you do and for the tireless work you do to teach, inform but mostly … Inspire

    All the best

    Gregory Bradley
    Madison. WI

  • Extremely informative, glad to see I’m not the only one who ‘visually keeps clips floating in the air” when working in the timeline. Dave- Great variety of shots, just curious about the audio capture on the interview. Did you use the videomic pro or a lav?

  • Dave, I saw you react to a couple FCP features. Did you come away with a different attitude toward it? Any insights on the software form the experience?

    Great stuff! Thanks!

  • Dave, thanks for that excellent tutorial video. Very impressive. Also thanks for introducing me to Chris Fenwick. I’ll be spending a lot of time on his blog!

  • Excellent stuff Dave and many thanks to Chris too for giving us a peak into his process – this would make an excellent podcast not that either of you need something else on your plate.

    Dave, what two cameras did you use for the interview shots? I believe one was a 5D Mark? and then you had some GoPro footage too but what was the second camera? The shots looked beautiful and as a one man band I can totally relate to knocking the camera and messing up framing while interviewing, recording audio, operating the camera and keeping a watchful eye out for what’s happening on set

  • Great video! Did Chris edit on a MacBook Air, or a MacBook Pro? Any idea on its specs? I’m in the market for one and this info could help.

  • Some people had asked, the computer I was using was a 2 year old Mac Book Pro Retina, top of the line, not sure what all the specs were then but I DID fill it with RAM, the media was on a small Lacie Thunderbolt Raid that was behind the computer. Speed is good… RAM is great.

    I will say, that FCPX is very smooth and a pleasure to cut in.