Learning To Shoot Truly Cinematic Images

Paint light like a master.


My wife and I saw Tim’s Vermeer movie this weekend, I really enjoyed it. It wasn’t boring like watching paint dry, it really made me think and gave me a couple of ideas.

Tim Jenison is not a painter, but he painted just like Vermeer, probably one of the most famous painters of all time in terms of creating an image very  photographic like. Vermeer’s paintings at the time 350 years ago and even today are amazing, the looked cinematic but no one knew how he did it. In the movie you watch Tim create this amazing painting that is just as good, I think better than Vermeer’s painting.

Tim built a room just like Vermeer’s and found the right mix of optics and mirrors to create an awesome looking image. In the movie he goes in to depth how he discovered this and how to do it. Now anyone can paint like Vermeer.

This got me thinking about movies, because I struggle trying to get a cinematic look.  What if I could create a way where I could accurately duplicate a movie scene that is truly cinematic? How awesome would that be for a learning tool!

Go see the movie just to see the carpet and the dress, the colors and the fall off of light are amazing. I must of said wow a dozen times.

What if I could create a system like Tim’s but do it for a famous movie scene, what if I could recreate the light exactly like that from a movie scene? I have a feeling that exercise would make me learn so much. Kind of like a master class from a master DP without even meeting the DP.

I am not sure if this could be done, I don’t know how I could do it, but if Tim could figure it out without an BTS footage from Vermeer, it can’t be as hard as that. If you guys have seen the movie and have any ideas how this could be done please share below!

In terms of the movie scene it would be fun to get permission to use it so I could show my seen side by side with the one I admire.

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