Still tweaking my studio setup.

I am working on a training video in my studio and I want tweak the lighting and the look a bit more. Since picture styles can greatly effect the look of the lighting I wanted to try out the new Technicolor CineStyle picture style and compare it to the stock picture styles.

I have been testing the CineStyle style a lot but I feel I still have a lot to learn with it, so I will be a more thorough video on it later.


  • I have to say I think these flat/cine curves are overrated. They do murder to skin tones, something that doesn’t look like it can be reversed in post. I would stay away from these styles unless you are going for an extreme Jerry Bruckheimer film look. Dave, you’ve shown numerous times that some of the built-in styles are actually pretty damn good. Low contrast probably “looks better” in part because it smooths out your skin and gives you a more youthful appearance : – ) A good trick to remember when shooting portraits or closeups unless you really want to see every nook and cranny.

  • @Matt it does hurt the skin tones and you do have to add a lot in post to get them back. I think I will be using it in really high contrast situations, more testing to do.

  • As usual, this is a great test. Saves me the time! 🙂 I haven’t actually used any custom picture styles. You mentioned having a hard time judging exposure from the lcd. I agree. It’s really difficult because it just looks different after you load it on your computer. So I use Magic Lantern’s zebras, sometimes the waveform, and also the histogram. For skin tones I use ML’s spot meter set to IRE (the 16 to 235 one). The rule I’ve read is highlights should be about 70 IRE for standard productions, and 60 IRE for more cinematic productions. I point the spot meter over a hightlight on the face and adjust exposure, lights, reflectors, etc. It seems to work pretty well.

  • Dug,

    This test is great but if you are going to colour correct/ grade in post I think that this is only part one of a two part series. From watching many of your videos is it safe to say that you do edits to your colour in post? If you don’t I don’t see any point in using ‘flat’ settings such as cinestyle etc. and would concentrate on getting the best colour straight out of the camera using the existing settings or an alternative custom one.

    Keep up the good work!

  • Wow, I was blown away by the landscape setting Dave, it looks really good! I tried to duplictae those same settings but I used a white background instead, and mine looks terrible. I’m not sure but I think using an overexposed white background makes it harder for the camera to deliver a sharp good looking picture, but I’m probably just doing something wrong. I really like using the white background so I’m trying to experiment more, like you, and find that sweet spot to make it all look good.

    Any tips you could share on picture styles or camera settings for a high key white background??

  • Hi Dave, Thanks for the great videos, Could you tell me is it possible to disable the photo taking during video recording?

  • Dave,
    Thank you for sharing all this information. I hope I can someday be as skilled as you are. Speaking of skills, I was wondering how you did the “Watch my last two videos” @ 2:05 of this clip. That is so badd ass.

    Thanks again!!

  • @Robert I have a cheat sheet for doing this each time, here it is:

    Scale 40
    position 600, 450
    position 1450, 450

  • I want to point out the the Cinestyle profile is about collecting as much data in the image as possible (video not still raw). Like in a high contrast day where the shadows are dark because there is no clouds to diffuse the light. This is what color grading and editing is all about. To the less experienced videographer just looks at a muddy image. To me it brings a smile to my face. =)

  • Hi Dave, I’ve only just started researching this technicolor / cinestyle picture style, but loads to learn about it. Can you tell me what the difference is between installing and adding this to the presets (user defined style 1 for example) and simply adjusting the four parameters myself to match it?