Not has helpful as I thought in fitting more dynamic range into my DSLR.

I got to review the B+W 77mm Circular Polarizer Multi-Resistant Coated (MRC) Filter. This video is not so much about the make and model of the filter it is more about how useful it is to HDSLR video.

I am wait for another circular polarizer from Jared Abrams that I am excited to test out soon because I understand it will have a greater range of exposure.

How Useful is a Circular Polarizer for DSLR Video

Product Used in this Video


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  • Thanks for the video Dave. I saw your feature on Adorama TV and have been following you ever since. I appreciate what you do the DSLR video community!

  • Hi Dave,

    My name is Ever, I have been reading your blog since long time ago. Nice work btw. I just have a doubt, I have a 550d, and trying to build a gear to use with. My doubt is not about the gear itself, but the use. And with this, I want to say if you dont think it would be nice to begin filming or shooting something. I mean, something like a short film or story. Or you are you not interesting in that field?

    Regards, and thanks for all the help that you gave me.


  • @Ever I am shooting stuff but it is mostly boring interview stuff that I put on my other web sites that is not public.

  • Dave

    One thing I would be curious about – while you were testing the polarizer, had you panned your camera left or right, leaving the filter fixed, whether that would have shown any difference. With panning, you’d be changing the relationship between the sun and the filter. So I don’t know if that would make a difference. What you showed was basically stationary, just rotating the filter.

    Also, the tall building you showed on the cloudy day, it didn’t show it quite long enough as I was trying to see, since the polarizer helps a lot with glass, if that building had any windows in it, even though cloudy, it should have made the windows of the building look more defined.

    I basically gave up trying to take any video with my T2i (very sad) because I never could get much clarity when panning side to side or zooming in or out, no matter what I tried. Your video always looks clear. Mine is very unsatisfactory. I ended up buying the Canon SX130 to use on the occasion when I wanted some video. The only time my T2i was even close to being clear, is if I held perfectly still (no panning) and the subject moved but stayed in a relatively stationary area. Love the T2i for stills, but big disappointment to take any video with.


  • Hi Davi, thanks for all your enthusiasm and passion into this. Glad that you’ve put some video about Circular polarizer… just bought mine yesterday and I’m just waiting to try it out. Looking forward to see your video about ND polarizer… all the best!

  • I, too, bought a polarizing filter some time ago, thinking that I would get more dynamic range by reducing glare and extremely bright highlights of California sun. It actually degraded the picture quality slightly, so I don’t use it anymore. Perhaps mine was cheaply made, but I don’t like the unpredictable results I get from it, especially when I move the camera around. Keep up with your informative posting, Dave.

  • hello. ı dont understand englısh . your video’s very very very nice. thank you sow muchh my frıend thankssss. 🙂

  • Hi Dave, I have question. My CANON EOS550 not recording video morethan 30 seconds, How can i set the camera to record video for 29 minitues?