• If you need an EVF on sunny days this camera is not for you
  • If you can’t use a gimbal and you need smooth IBIS like footage, this camera is not for you
  • If you shoot run and gun and you have come to rely on great Auto focus, this camera is not for you
  • If you do event shooting where you can’t be changing batteries every 45 minutes, this might not be for you
  • If you shoot low a lot, get dirty
  • Great codecs, Braw or ProRes
  • 4K 60fps, nice!
  • Don’t need an external display (unless low shots), 1080 5″ display
  • Oh, the price!
  • You get Resolve too
  • Buggy: it locked up on me within minutes of me turning it on, I turn the camera on and the screen did not turn off.
  • Since it is not really a stills camera, it just feels so easily to use.

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