Color Space sRGB or Adobe RGB for DSLR Video?

Which color space is best for DSLR video and can you even change it?


I was listening to an excellent version of PhotoFocus podcast EP.53 with Scott Bourne and Scott Kelby and they talked about color space.

Adobe RGB 1998 vs. sRGB.

Basically Scott Kelby talked about the following points:

  • If you are shooting in RAW your camera ignores the color space (it is applied later with whatever you are using like Lightroom)
  • A color space only matters for JPG or TIFF (and I would say video which Scott did not mention)
  • Adobe RGB 1998 is generally a preferred color space for photographers. If you are going to shoot JPG then shoot in Adobe RGB 1998 because it is a wider color space.
  • You can always switch to sRGB later and it will throw out the extra data, but if you shoot in sRGB you just can’t switch the other way to add it back in.
  • Why would you want to shoot in sRGB? Because of the printing shops want it in that color space for printing.
  • *** If you not printing your files and you are shooting for the web only (like video) then stay in sRGB because that is the color space for the web.
  • My note: the Canon manual also recommends you stay in the sRGB color space.

The results of my test

I noticed a difference, but it seemed like a lighting change, and I am pretty sure the lighting didn’t not change at all. Does anyone know the answer to this? I looked around on the web but could find anything.

Answer to my question:

Steve in the comments below found the answer!

the 550d shoots video in sRGB only. Look at the 550d manual page 211.