What Should I Compare the New Canon T4i 650D to?

Any suggestions?


UPDATE: watch my comparison of the 650D to the 60D.

Canon just announced the new T4i 650D which you can already pre-order at B&H.

About a year ago I compared the T3i vs 60D which has become of my most popular video reviews at 280,000 views on YouTube.

The new T4i comes with some interesting features which I think a lot of people new to DSLR video shooting will be interested in, such as auto focusing and who knows perhaps some better audio.

To be honest I have not had a chance to look at all the T4i specs and new lenses yet, but the main reason for me writing this post is to find out from you guys what you want me to compare it to? (I am placing my name on a list to get one of the first loan units)

  • I know I will compare it to my T2i because I am personally interested in replacing my T2i some day with another EOS Rebel or crop sensor camera that has a tilt out screen.
  • I think the most obvious comparison is with the 60D because right now because the T4i body is only $849 and the 60D body only is $899only a $50 difference.
  • Do we have any votes for me to compare it to the new Nikon D3200?
  • Are you guys even excited about this T4i release at all?
  • I would love to compare it to the new GH3, but who knows when that will come out.

I won’t be able to compare it to everything, so let me know and I will see which one gets the most votes for the review.

Canon T4i

Canon T4i