Any suggestions?

UPDATE: watch my comparison of the 650D to the 60D.

Canon just announced the new T4i 650D which you can already pre-order at B&H.

About a year ago I compared the T3i vs 60D which has become of my most popular video reviews at 280,000 views on YouTube.

The new T4i comes with some interesting features which I think a lot of people new to DSLR video shooting will be interested in, such as auto focusing and who knows perhaps some better audio.

To be honest I have not had a chance to look at all the T4i specs and new lenses yet, but the main reason for me writing this post is to find out from you guys what you want me to compare it to? (I am placing my name on a list to get one of the first loan units)

  • I know I will compare it to my T2i because I am personally interested in replacing my T2i some day with another EOS Rebel or crop sensor camera that has a tilt out screen.
  • I think the most obvious comparison is with the 60D because right now because the T4i body is only $849 and the 60D body only is $899only a $50 difference.
  • Do we have any votes for me to compare it to the new Nikon D3200?
  • Are you guys even excited about this T4i release at all?
  • I would love to compare it to the new GH3, but who knows when that will come out.

I won’t be able to compare it to everything, so let me know and I will see which one gets the most votes for the review.

Canon T4i
Canon T4i


  • I’m very excited about the T4i. I think the video feature will be better. I have the T3i but I hope to sell it on craigslist and get the T4i with the new 40mm pancake lens.

  • Since the price of both T4i and 60D are almost matching, and because I am a tough Canon fan, I would go with the comparison between these two models.
    But for those indifferent of Brands, comparing T4i with Nikon D3200 would be great.

  • I’m very excited about the release. I’m am very curious as to the comparison with the 60D, particularly since you can get the 60D for $600 at many online retailers with a lens ($300-$400 cheaper than the T4i with a lens). Is the shutter speed of 1/8000 of the 60D or the higher ISO of the T4i better?

    The T4i sure has a lot more “features” in terms of GPS, HDR, touchscreen, etc. But which camera take a better picture?

  • Im very excited, gona buy it just for video, flip-out LCD, touch screen, autofocus (if it works well with the new 18-135), 60fps theres alot to get excited about – however Canon’s new micro four thirds camera yet to be announced, will interest me more but its a few months away!

  • There are going to be a ton of Canon Vs Nikon type reviews.. how about adding in a bit of Sony… SLT-A57 perhaps… it’s in the ballpark pricerange?

  • As a current T2i owner looking to upgrade I am most interested in the Canon models you are looking at, not really interested in other camera brands. I didn’t realize that the 60D was as inexpensive as it is, so that one would be very interesting. I can’t wait to see if the rumors about an entry level full-frame sensor turn out to be true. If that camera is reasonably priced it might be the upgrade camera I will wait for.

  • Hi, I would love a comparison to the Sony A57 please. It’s in the same price range. Personally, I’ve narrowed my 1st DSLR down to the Sony A57 or the Canon T3i. You can’t compare brands CANON vs SONY. CANON wins hands down, but if you’re comparing camera specs, then the A57 would be an interesting comparison.

  • I currently own the T2i and was thinking that my next move would be the jump to 5D Mark III so I would like to see the major reasons to make the jump or to ease in with the T4i.
    No matter what, I look forward to all your videos! Thanks

  • Hey Dave, I think it would be great if you could compare the new T4i to the 60D, since they are in a similar price range and have similar specs. They each have 18MP CMOs sensor with 9 point auto focus and a Vari angle LED Screen, 6400 ISO with Full HD Video and HDMI out. The T4i can Burst at 5.0 per sec, and the 60D can Burst at 5.3 per sec. But the T4i Has the new DiGiC 5 chip.

    They are really similar in a lot of ways, and the price difference is not much at all. So Why did canon make a body so similar to one they already have on the market?

    Thanks Dave.

  • Hi,

    Would be happy to see thorough review, not necessary to compare that much to other models assuming image quality is equal or better that T3i. If it is, then it’s basically the only option in the price range until the mysterious GH3 arrives. Maybe you have a GH3 on a NDA??..

  • Hi Dave,

    Compare it with 60D please.

    I think I am going to love its autofocus feature.

    I might get it as my 2nd cam once it is released in Singapore.

    Loving your site every minute and your tacky sharp videos.

  • I’d like to see it compared to the T3i, just to see what specific improvements there are and if they make much difference.

  • I’d like to see it compared to the 60D. I’d also like to see a comparison between the new STM lenses and EF 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6 and 50mm F1.8 II. I’m curious if the focus is truly silent!

  • @John Daly can you please post a link to where i can find the 60D for $600. thanks

  • Ppl still use the 7d?!
    Please compare it to the 60d.
    So far nothing about it makes me go oooh aaah.
    I want a 60d mk ii
    let’s make that happen.

  • Dave – I like your GH3 idea. But since it’s not out yet, how about the GH2? I’d like to see a comparison of video autofocus speed and tracking, autofocus noise with silent lenses, touchscreen interface, and built-in stereo mics.
    Comparing the T4i to cameras that don’t have its new features doesn’t make sense to me…(I started out with a T2i, so I’m not prejudiced against Canon – but it would be interesting to see how the T4i’s new features stack up one-on-one against the competition).

  • I have a T2i so I am looking forward to you comparing it to that. That way I know if I need to upgrade or not.

  • Maybe not the input you’re looking for, but how about a post on what equipment to own vs. what to rent.

    Buy a T4i or rent a c300

  • I’m just plain buying it πŸ™‚ – Not waiting for a review. My T3i is an excellent performer, and I was literally days away from purchasing another body, now it will be a new T4i w/18-135 STM.

  • Would like to see more about how auto focus features work. How smooth, acurate and/or noisy? Also touch screen convenience features.

  • 60D is a good choice for comparison since they are priced so close right now. I think the price of the 60D will even come down more since it is about to be replaced. I looked at the history of the XXD series and the life of every model prior to the 60D has been between 1 and 2 years. The 60D will be 2 years in August.

  • I agree that the 60D would be a good model to compare to the t4i. It sounds like a lot of us are wondering whether it is worth the switch or to move the 60D to 2nd camera for video.

  • I have a 60D, so I would like to see a comparison between those camera’s. Like you said it’s only $50 dollar difference from the 60D. The fact that they both have the flip screen. And here is another best reason why I think You should consider the 6OD vs T4i The overheating problem. with the rebels, 7d, and the 5D I’ve heard also. Truthfully the 60D has never overheat on me. My friend’s camera T2i overheats all the time and made the switch to 60D since then “NO OVERHEATING ON THE 60D” and we shoot long periods, Weddings, Music Videos etc…

  • One thing I’d like to see in your video is if the t4i/650d has video features similar to the 60D or more like 600D or 550D, meaning features such as video histogram, native ISO’s on the 60D or features just the standard features like that on the 550D or 600D without magic lantern. I’d like to find this out cause it’d make a difference to me as I’m planning on upgrading my 550D to another higher end cropped sensor camera for video, I was thinking of the 60D but the autofocus in the 650D has made me think twice.

  • I haven’t found that many reviews on the video function of the d3200. Although it would be interessting to see it compared to the 60d.

  • Id like to see you compare it to the t2i since you have owned the t2i for sometime i think the differences will jump out at you… just seems to me it makes the most sense to compare it with what you know most

    id also of course like to see a comparison with the t3i for my own personal reasons… because i own a t3i πŸ˜‰

    i wouldnt be mad at a comparison with the 60d… but i think more t2i & t3i users might be looking to upgrade their body to the t4i… and i doubt any 60d owners would switch to a t4i… of course a 60d comparison would help people who are looking to jump into the dslr world…

    either way… im pretty skeptical about the autofocus … maybe it will work well in some run and gun applications… but i just cant see it being more responsive than a human hand, and i just cant see how well it could work with shallow depths of field… and touch screen focus doesnt sound appealing to me either… ever try and focus on an iphone? no thanks

    but i digress…. i vote t2i!

  • There are rumors about a forthcoming 70D. I think that might be the best comparison, but you would have to wait a while.

    But the 60D would be a good choice with the price being so close.

  • I would suggest the the old canon crop sensor cameras (7d, rebel t2i t3i and 60d)

    then compare that to perhaps higher end video cameras… Make sure to touch on the autofocusing! Very intrigued on that aspect!

  • Hi, please compare it to the Sony SLT-A57 please. It’s in the same price range. I want to buy my first DSLR for filmmaking, and I was deciding between the Sony A57 or the Canon T3i(but expecting a bit to see what the t4i would bring).
    Has someone said here in the comments ” You can’t compare brands CANON vs SONY. CANON wins hands down,.” Still the A57 would be a really interesting comparison!! Do it please !!

  • +1 for the t4i compared to 60d and a 60da discussion.

    I am considering purchasing my first DSLR and I am most drawn to the video capabilities.

    Great content Dave!

  • I would go for a comparison with the T3i cause in the end, thats the one the T4i wants to replace. Looking at the specs (touchscreen wtf?) i am not at all impressed and would be interested if it would be worth to upgrade (which I dont expect).

  • I currently have a T3i and am interested in having a second camera body so I can stop switching lenses. I like the 60D because of the sturdier body and I like the T4i because, from what I’ve seen, the controls are almost identical.

    Anyway, a three way comparison would be nice. Is the T4i worth $300 more than a second T3i. If so, how does it stack up to the 60D?

  • The 60D hands down. I have the 60D currently and love it but with all the new features that the t4i will have it makes me want to just have the newest thing. My only down fall with the t4i is that its still considered a beginner camera.

  • Please when you’re doing the T4I review indicate during the review whether or not the T4I has 3 – 10x digital zoom or not. It seems no articles say this for sure yet… Very big omission from the T3I if not included anymore. Deal breaker in fact.

  • A comparison to the GH2 would be great, since the T4i is being marketed on its video capabilities. A comparison to something else with autofocus makes sense.

  • 60d has to be the comparison. Though w/ Dave’s knowledge and understanding I would really like his opinion on the full time AF in live/video mode – just how fast can it track, and how smooth.

  • Dave, I would like to see The T4i vs. the Panasonic GH2. Both have auto-follow focus that others don’t. I find it difficult to utilize follow focus so that my videos, unless staged and static, turn out of focus too often. In 8 weeks I’m going up to Alaska, and want my videos looking good, not blurry.

  • I think the Sony A65 will be a pretty good rival. The main selling point of the T4i over a cheaper T3i (or even a similarly priced 60d) is A) the increased burst rate of 5 fps, and B) the full time auto-focus (with an caviate of course). In that realm, the A65 can do 10 fps burst, and also has full time auto-focus with all of the Sony lenses, not to mention 1080 60p video. I know the A65 is more expensive, but it’s a pretty neat camera and would make an interesting comparison that isn’t just “Nikon’s very similar camera that more or less is the same”.

  • Hi Dave, you should compare T4i with…
    Nikon D3200
    Nikon D5100
    Canon EOS 60D
    Canon T2i
    if you compare all features in depth like your 5dm3 & d800 it would be great..i know it is not possible to compare with 4 bodies but try max. possible….
    Thnx…waiting for your video…

  • I would like to see a comparison to the Sony A57, could do a comparison of the Autofocus features and the video capabilities, or even the new Bionz and the Digic 5. Just some thoughts.

  • As 60d, 550d and 600d have the same video and stills quality (due to same sensor) it will be more interesting to choose for comparison 60d

  • Hi Dave,

    I think a comparison between the 650D and the Mark III would be amazing, due they have a DIGIC 5 and DIGIC 5+ processor respectively.

    Similar to the one you did with the 500D and the Mark II.

    Philip Bloom did one about the Mark III, the D800 and the D4 and it was eye-opening about how the Mark III can handle low light situations.

  • Good question, a hard one to asnwer at the same time πŸ™‚ Well it is better than the T3i but significantly more expensive, on the other hand it is very close to the 60D and quite similar in price, even shares some of the features like the AF system but 60D has a much better handling if you have large size hands as I do. If handling is important, go for the 60D, even better go and try for yourself. Here is another comparison making good points about the differences:


  • Please make sure you take to explore the audio… would love to know if there are improvements!

  • I am hearing rumors that the T4i has been pulled. There are no T4i’s being shown on Amazon and Canon is now showing back order only. Has anyone heard anything

  • Compare it to the 5D MkIII and the D800. It will be a surprise to you. It will stand up to both of those cameras in video mode. I especially want to see the iso 1600 and above comparison.

  • Compare t4i, 60d and 5D-III at range of ISOs in candlelight or similar – reason: we already know in high light they are similar/same , but low light iso performance will help people know limitations and how to work around them even if they can not afford a 5D-III.

  • As you already compared the 550D (T2i) to the 5D3 (and decided to keep the T2i), it would be interesting to see the differences/similarities between the new 650D and the 5D3. And next maybe 70D and 7D2 in autumn πŸ™‚

  • Could you please compare the Canon 4Ti with the Sony A77
    I love watching and learning from your videos.

  • I just bought the T4i last Friday and I’m liking it so far. I’m new to DSLR in general which is why I found this site. I don’t have much of a background in photography, but I’m not new to the general field since I’m a graphic artist/game designer. I can tell you that the autofocus (Servo Motor during video shoot) is loud and very slow. It constantly moves trying to maintain a lock. Granted this is with the kit lens (18-55) so I plan to get the nifty fifty here pretty soon. I cannot get low light video to be without grain but I think that’s partially caused by the lens and my in experience. I’d like to see this camera compared to the T2i and/or T3i because I’d like to see if I can get video as clean as Dave’s T2i footage.

  • Been debating about the T4i and its latest tech over the proven stable and better body of the 60D. I’ve tried the T4i in a wedding video shoot and it wasn’t perfect by any means, but it did deliver on the high iso, where most cameras would suffer.

    I used the 40mm STM lens with it, and honestly after awhile, I ended up just doing it manually. Its wedding, what did you expect. If my subject was minimal, no problem perhaps. I had a non STM lens, and boy was that noisy, ended up just muting the sound the whole time using it. With the STM lens, you can barely notice it.

    The touchscreen was definitely a help with the rotating screen. I was shooting creatively, so you can imagine the angles, so that was a huge plus.

    That’s all. I’ll leave the rest to you.

  • Really looking forward to your observations, as I mentioned in my post on 6/8 “I’m just buying it!” – the unit arrived yesterday w/18-135 STM. (waited until the recall issues died down)

    Shot about 50 stills and 30 min of 24p video – simply awesome… in my humble opinion. More fun scheduled for today. πŸ™‚