Time for a new computer after 3 years.

Parts List – X299 Computer Build. Computer Name: Hal 2.0

  1. Intel Core i9‑7960X 16 core Amazon | B&H
  2. ASUS Prime X299-Deluxe Mother Board Amazon | B&H
  3. Corsair Dominator Platinum 64GB (8 x 8GB) Amazon
  4. Seasonic Prime Titanium 1000 SSR-1000TD Amazon | B&H
  5. Samsung SSD 850 Pro 2TB Amazon | B&H
  6. Samsung SSD 850 EVO 2TB Amazon | B&H
  7. Samsung NVMe SSD 960 Pro M.2 1TB Amazon | B&H
  8. Samsung NVMe 960 Pro M.2 512GB Amazon | B&H
  9. Fractal Design Define R5 w/o window white case Amazon
  10. Fractal Design CPU Water Cooler Celsius S36 Amazon
  11. Fractal X2 GP-14 Fans Amazon
  12. GTX1080Ti Founders Edition Amazon | B&H
  13. Hard Drives (2) WD 6TB Green Amazon | B&H
  14. Windows 10 Home USB Amazon | B&H


  • This is a video editing computer build for Premiere Pro and Resolve, this is not about gaming.
  • 3 years ago JJ from Asus came out and built an 8-core X99 computer I called the Beast, this time JJ has come with a CPU with double the cores, no it’s not the Threadripper 1950X, but we do talk about the differences between the 1950X and the 7960X. During the build we thought we had a 7900x 10 core CPU part but when we booted up the system, surprise, 16 cores!
  • The format of the video is basically me doing some run and gun filming and asking JJ questions while he build and sets up the computer, this will be pretty comprehensive, not going to show every wire connection but I will spend time on items that will trip most people up when building a computer for themselves.
  • This is be a long video, content markers are located in the description see below, many will want to skip to the NLE tests and benchmarks where I compare to my old 8 core system to this 16 core at 1:31:46.
  • I would guess a lot of people will be doing new computer builds soon, about every 3 years when a new platform comes out people like to build a new computer with the latest architecture, so this video should really help.
  • Disclosure: when Juan Jose Guerrero contacted me again to see if I wanted to do another build with the latest parts, of course I said yes, not going to lie half the reason saying yes is I get to keep a computer to edit on, but the other half is I get to hang out with I think one of the most knowledgeable guys when it comes to computer hardware and ask him questions for 2 days straight. Now some of you might think I am selling out by keep this computer, but when you think about it I have about 500 videos on both my YT channels, I can only think of a few where I got to keep the product, I mostly review camera gear so this is really not in my wheel house.

Video Time Content Markers

0:00 Intro
3:24 Parts List
6:27 What to watch out for when installing the CPU
7:11 Thermal Paste?
7:45 M.2 placement and cooling
10:50 Which length of m.2 to install?
13:45 M.2 MVMe Raid Support for X99?
14:49 Installing the RAM
15:40 Avoiding common ram issue – timings
18:16 XMP vs SPD?
20:55 RAM airflow considerations
22:25 Asus motherboard differences?
25:43 The Case
28:11 Installing the Cooler
31:05 PCI lanes how much do you need for video editing?
34:03 What takes up all the PCI lanes?
34:58 Airflow fans configuration
36:13 Which way to direct the CPU fans for high-end builds?
36:59 Two ways to connect the cpu fans
40:03 Placing the Motherboard in the case
41:25 SSD too hot what happens?
42:21 Install the CPU Cooler
46:06 PSU install
48:36 Thunderbolt card?
53:09 SSD installation
56:45 Install GPU 1080Ti
58:36 Initial power on test
1:01:52 Updating the Motherboard UEFI BIOS firmware
1:03:35 How long to wait for a mature (very stable) UEFI release?
1:12:54 Install Windows 10 Home
1:14:27 Installing core drivers
1:15:02 Correct order of installing drivers
1:22:49 First Stress test
1:25:51 Aida64 stress test
1:30:12 Overclock the CPU
1:31:46 Cinebench test
1:38:54 Benchmarks
1:39:43 Compare 16 core 1959X Threadripper to 7960X Cinebench
1:40:27 Realbench benchmarks
1:40:52 Premiere Pro Dropped Frame indicator tests
1:42:56 Premiere Pro Rendering time tests
1:43:31 Candle Light Benchmark for Resolve
1:44:01 More Resolve tests (Match Move and Face Refinement
1:45:15 Resolve Node caching tests
1:45:34 Fan Noise tests
1:45:52 Drive configuration and why
1:49:17 Conclusions
1:52:42 JJ’s thoughts on Intel vs AMD Threadripper


  • Hi Dave,

    I hope you can keep this computer for free because I heard a lot of marketing talk about Intel vs. AMD. There are system sellers that only sell Intel and see AMD as the logical choice for a video editing system (https://www.pugetsystems.com/all_articles.php).

    Intel i9-7960x $ 1.699 + ASUS Prime X299-Deluxe Mother Board $ 469 totals $ 2168
    AMD EPYC 7401 (24c/48t) $ 1.100 + Gigabyte MZ31-AR0 mother board $ 600 totals $ 1.700.

    Cinebench R15 multi: Intel i9-7960x 3161 points vs. 4208 point AMD EPYC 7401p
    Intel quad memory vs. octa memory AMD (almost twice as fast).
    Intel no ECC vs. ECC AMD
    Intel max 128 GB vs. 1024 GB AMD
    Intel 44 PCIe vs. 128 PCIe AMD
    Intel (asus) 2x1Gb/s nic vs. 2x10Gb/s nic AMD (gigabyte)
    Intel (asus) 7 x sata 600 vs. 16 x sata 600 AMD (gigabyte)
    Intel you need a water cooler vs. air cooler is good enough for AMD

    Thunderbolt argument is over since it will be licensed for free starting 2018, gigabyte already announced the first Thunderbolt expansion card for Threadripper. (p.s. the ASUS thunderbolt 3 expansion card doesn’t work flawless, thunderbolt 2 cards do work).

    AMD is $ 468 cheaper and it is more upgradeble (4 GPU’s for Davinci Resolve), faster, etc…

    When I would have to pay it myself there is not one single reason to choose Intel over AMD.

    When you get it for free, just say thank you.

    In my opinion it’s not fair that Asus and Intel use your very informative site for this kind of marketing.

    Just my 2 cents,


  • Thanks for this very informative and helpful video. I’m currently looking at building my own computer and this looks like a viable build for my purposes. I use Adobe and Davinci Resolve like you. I’m wondering about this system’s bottleneck. In your old system the bottleneck seemed to be the CPU. Now with this new system’s 2x powerful CPU do you think the bottleneck could be the single 1080 Ti? I hear that Resolve relies heavily on the GPU. Do you have plans to upgrade to a dual GPU in the near future?

  • @Misha thanks for your feedback

    @Benjamin that is a really good question, if I were to guess it would be the CPU, but it matters what program you are talking about and what task or tool you are using. I will try to find it and make a video about it.

  • Very helpful video. I’m going to be building a second system next year, and with AMD’s new Threadripper alternative, I’d love to see some kind of direct comparison between that and i9 in a video editing context. It’s good to have options!