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Check Out This Picture I Just TookYou can contact Dave at

If you live near me (Boulder Colorado) let me know, I am always interested in meeting new people from my area.

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For whatever reason about 5% of people that purchase one of my courses will not receive the automatic email with their course link and password. If you haven’t received the email after an hour just shoot me a quick email including the Paypal email and I’ll resend it with a different email account (works 100% of the time). For those overseas during my night time (see my time above), I’m very good about resending those emails out first thing in the morning. I have a way to resend those emails from my phone, so you shouldn’t be waiting too long if you are one of those 5% that didn’t get the first attempt.


I get tons of emails everyday, I will try to reply but I can’t promise anything.  Some might call me a professional, but I consider myself more of an advanced amateur. I make tons of mistakes all the time, but I will be happy to try an answer your question.

Beautiful Colorado

I live near Boulder Colorado. More about Dave.

Dave Dugdale

Dave Dugdale at the Sonnenalp Resort in Vail

Canon 60D vs T4i/650D Double Take - They are so Close in Price