I think adding letterboxing to your video is just plan cool.

Crop marks (letterboxing) are just plan cool, not sure why I like them, perhaps they make your video look just a little more Hollywood.

Before I get in to how I use “cropmark letterboxing” I wanted to tell you that I am still working on my Tokina 11-16mm review and I am waiting for the right evening to finish off my Konova slider montage that I have been working on.

I realize there are many methods to do this, I think this is the one I will stay with. Also I know you don’t need to do this for the web, but I like the look of it when the embedded player has some back around it vs sitting against a white web page.

You can download the letterbox cropmarks I made here. *** Update: I got this email from Marcel M and he is right I will need to fix this:

“if you go fullscreen it looks like the cropmarks are one pixel to short on each side”

See the video for the rest of the info.

Sorry for the shaking video in a few spots as I am testing out a new setup for my videos.


  • hey dave

    awesome tip!

    after testing magic lantern would you go back?
    if you do
    What would that process be?
    Restore it to default canon firmware.
    Im still looking in using magic lantern myself.

    Thank you

  • Hey Dave,

    Do you know of a way to import frameline.bmp files into the 5d/7d/T2i OS? I guess only Magic Lantern can do it?

    There is a fee tool available for the Arri Alexa camera that allows you to customize and download any kind of frameline you want. All motion picture standard ratios are already built there: 1.85, 2.35, 2.40 and 2.55. You can drop these into the timeline for Premeire Pro or whatever you are using to edit – but is there a way get them into the camera?

    Download your framelines here:

  • Hi Dave,
    i have a problem … i’ve downloaded Magic Lanter but i don’t have cropmark letterboxing in it … whay can i do?

  • Hi Dave,

    I know this video was a couple of months ago but just in case you don’t know, if you create your project at 1920 X 800 or 1920 X 816 your video will show in the timeline with that format with no bars, no distortion and no need for a image over top. All you have to do is move the video up or down to your liking. I like this because Premiere Pro CS5.5 displays it as if if was shot that way without the bars and if you use the dynamic link to AF it will show up in the exact format there or anywhere else like Media Encoder. Hope this helps your workflow.

  • Sorry for my post above. I just watched your video and posted before I actually saw the info above it and the reason why you like the black bars. So just disregard my post.


  • “Adding Cropmark Letterboxing to DSLR Videos”

    I’m writing the Azores, Portugal. I found this video on your Youtube and also link to your site. I recently installed the camera on my Canon 550 D the MagicLantern. It is an excellent firmware. I’ve been watching carefully as was the composition of cropmark on camera and I tried to build something that would fit in editing the video. And I found this a brilliant exposition ever done and downloaded your file. Spectacular. Thank you Dave, you helped a lot.
    Your videos are excellent and very easy to learn.

    I will continue to follow your videos and your classes.