Custom White Balance the T2i 550D

In this video I demonstrate how to custom white balance a DSLR like the Canon T2i.


I noticed in my last video that I shoot at night looked really bad (orange tint color to my face) compared to the previous tutorial that I shot with day light, so I thought I would try to improve a little and white balance the T2i this time. To really show a dramatic before and after difference I shot this one in really low light.

This video demonstrates the steps I go through to white balance before shooting a video (movie mode).

I learned these steps from AngeloDavidKevin in a comment he provided on one of my videos hosted on Vimeo. I gotta say the community on Vimeo rocks! Everyone over there has been extremely helpful providing with tips and ideas to improve my videos.

The steps to custom white the 550D T2i for movie mode are:

  • Take a picture of a white object – fill the entire frame with white
  • Menu: 4th tab says ‘custom WB’
  • Choose the white picture
  • Click on Set
  • Go to movie mode
  • Click the quick menu button and cursor over to WB and change it to the custom setting

I am still struggling with exposure. I think I will do a tutorial on that soon, but if anyone has any requests let me know what I should learn/test next.

This is from Steve Crow:

Hey Dave, I was trying to white balance my T2i for Video (not stills) and it was unclear to me exactly what you were doing so I put together this list of steps – let me know if I got anything wrong or out of order:

1. In Photo Mode – take a picture of a white object (white should fill the screen)

2. Switch over to video mode

3. Press DISP button (display) twice or until the big list of icons is displayed

4. Press the Q/Printer Button to highlight the top white balance icon

5. At the bottom of the screen, see the first of the white balance options,

6. Turn the scroll wheel until it says custom and press set

7. Press Menu Button

8. Navigate to 4th Icon and select “Custom White Balance” – it should show you the still image of the white object you photographed earlier

9. Press Set button

10. “use WB data from this image for Custom WB” – select OK and Set button

11. Get out of Menu mode and into Live View and confirm that the white balance is now correct