Nikon D5100 vs Canon T3i/600D Video Shootout

Was set for a big review but I scaled it back because of a major issue.


I was excited when I got some boxes in the mail, the Nikon D5100 and the Canon T3i/600D. Both are very comparable entry level DSLR’s. Both are about the same price.

I know all I talk about on this site is Canon so I wanted to really give Nikon some air time now that is appears they are getting more serious about video on their DSLR’s. I think it would be great to have a bunch of Nikon D5100 tutorials on this site.

Both of the cameras are really close in cost and they both have features like 1080p video and flip out screens. The Nikon doesn’t have all the frame rates that the Canon has but Nikon appears to have better low light performance.

I was all set to spend a ton of time shooting with both and doing a really thorough review when I learned something shocking about the Nikon. You can’t shoot video in a full manual exposure on the Nikon like you can with the Canon EOS cameras. (You sort of can watch this video)

The non manual movie mode is kind of a deal breaker for me, but instead of boxing it back up and sending it back, I wanted to still run a few comparisons first.


  • Low light
  • Aliasing
  • Rolling shutter

Bottom line is if you are serious about getting started with an entry level DSLR for any type of video that is going to require some tweaking, get the Canon T3i over the Nikon D5100.