DIY DSLR View Finder KnopTop Version 2.0

Fun DIY project. The KnopTop 2.0 Version.


Couple of days ago I went up to the ski slopes for some spring skiing and I brought my camera along. With not a cloud in the sky and all the reflective light off the snow I can barely make out what it on the screen. So shooting video in this condition or even trying to chimp after taking a photo is near to impossible exposure or focus and some times even composition.

So I remember Knoptop’s DIY DSLR View Finder video he did a while back, so I emailed to see if there has been any revisions and he said there was. KnopTop had found a cheap loop that can be used from Harbor Freight Tools so I picked up a box set for only $5.

DIY Procedure

Then I picked up black spray paint for $3 that is made just for plastic.

Then I found an old baby powder container, if you can believe it from 1985.

Next up I had to figure out which loop power would work the best. Knoptop was right they all fit the container perfectly.

I used the ear muffs from a pair of pod-casting headphones that I hated and was not using and it fit perfectly.

Back to figure out which one was the best I tried the 3X and it was perfect right off the bat, but I wanted the view finder shorter. I marked the side to find which lens would have what length of the view finder. I did this for all of them from 3x to 10x.

The 10x made the finder the shortest, but then I was concerned if it was too short I would not be able to see all the screen so I marked the outer edges of what I could see. I found out that the 5x was the one I want to use to fill the frame, the others did not feel the frame.

I then measure the 5x height and marked it on the container.

And then I cut the container, for me scissors didn’t work well so I used a utility blade. I used the blue tape as a guide.

I cleaned out the rough edges so the loop would fit better.

I painted it black.

With View Finder

Without View Finder

Using a hot glue gun I glued it in place and then flipped it over to add more glue, the blue tape was to protect the lens.

I put the ear phone muff on and tie rapped it in place.

I had this idea to add chopsticks to make a nice rectangle frame, but it didn’t work well and I used tape so it wouldn’t scratch the screen.

I added the hair ties and I was all done.

Works really well.

Check out my bonus videos.

Thanks Knoptop!

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Products Used In This Video

iPhone 4s – Most shots at ski resort.

Canon T2i Close up shots of view finder on my desk.

Nikon D800


Nikon D800 – Shots of me talking in my office only.