DSLR Field Monitor Accessories

Accessories for my Ikan VK7i monitor.


HDMI cable 20′ Don’t buy this one, I have another 16′ cable (white and thin) on the way which should work better.

HDMI cable 1.5′ Nice and light and you can work the cord to where you want it to go.

Zacuto downward angle HDMI cable

HDMI Adapter I have an idea that might work really well with this adapter for strain relief of the HDMI connector on the camera.

Sunhood I have not tried the Velcro yet, I think it now comes with the Ikan VK7i monitor.

Ikan D Screws you will not need if you use the Velcro.

Ball Mount much better than the ball mount that comes with the Ikan VK7i monitor.

Battery I am running more tests.