Accessories for my Ikan VK7i monitor.

HDMI cable 20′ Don’t buy this one, I have another 16′ cable (white and thin) on the way which should work better.

HDMI cable 1.5′ Nice and light and you can work the cord to where you want it to go.

Zacuto downward angle HDMI cable

HDMI Adapter I have an idea that might work really well with this adapter for strain relief of the HDMI connector on the camera.

Sunhood I have not tried the Velcro yet, I think it now comes with the Ikan VK7i monitor.

Ikan D Screws you will not need if you use the Velcro.

Ball Mount much better than the ball mount that comes with the Ikan VK7i monitor.

Battery I am running more tests.


  • This is helpful. I would love to have a link to the white PNY HDMI cable. Do you have one? I have had much success with cables.

    Also for anyone reading I love my new monitor from Lilliput. It is the 2013 new model of the 663/o/p LED Monitor IPS – and only $380 at Amazon.

  • @Shawn I just added the link for the cable above. Have you had issues with scaling the dslr image all the way with that monitor, I had a hard time with it.

  • Gosh I do not know about ups along issues. All I know is it looks awesome quality to me. And when a client viewed the set up through it he was impressed. I could see he really “got it” and by that I mean he saw that I was going for a cinema look and feel. (I.e. Lens perspective/ sharp subject-bokeh background ). I am using it to get focus right and confirm the look. I could do this with my Z-finder but the LCD gives things a real Bam! Effect. I know that in the end “the proof is in the pudding” and our ability to tell the right story with the right look and feel is what REALLY counts but impressing the client with a monitor that fits my budget, comes with a cool case and hood while doing focus peak and all the other cool stuff this thing does is what matters most to me. Even if I look at it later and find it is not scaling perfect for me it looks great, works fine and confirms in the eyes of the client I am “da man”.

    I will check it later and let you know.

  • hi guys! I’m considering getting the Lilliput 663 o/p here in Canada-I’m also considering the IKAN VK 7i or the SmallHD After Dave’s review (Thanks!) but I have a question..
    as we all know, the canon DSLRs (except the 7D- I have the 70D)shrink the pic size thru HDMI when recording…but doesn’t the info button helps keep the pic full size (at lower rez and losing the info on screen) so what exactly is this feature I see on the Ikan and the SmallHD, labelled DSLR scaling?
    the lilliput doesn’t have this on its list of specs but the other two do? What would I be missing? I think Dave has a problem with it that wasn’t a problem with the other 2??
    thanks! I know the rez of the 663 is good..