Testing out my new graphics card, putting it to the test with green screen work.

Well I just got my new video card install and had to create a new video to test it out with so I created a video that would tax my system which for me is a green screen video.

I will do another video on the installation of the new graphics card soon. So far it rocks!

Enjoy my test, I will do a video soon on how I created it.


  • Awesome job.
    I’ve been meaning to inquire how you are transitioning from Vegas to Premiere…?
    Question, is that plain fabric you are using?

    Anything special?

  • @xlerate I got that green screen from b&h years ago and it works well, I just need to light it better, I installed the new video card and man oh man is Premiere fun to use now! I have two videos coming on the topic soon.

  • And you probably used the garbage matte, since you have so much empty space around you to get rid
    of the wrinkles and uneven lighting .
    That can be done in Vegas with the mask included in the pan/crop tool.
    What else is BETTER ?

  • Hey Dave,. you using the 450w power supply with the new video card? My power supply is the same as yours and I’m thinking of getting the same video card.

    Is it possible you can do a video on what settings you render your videos to in premiere pro.

  • @TheVancouverGuy I am going to publish a video very soon on the installation of that card, as for the export settings I am actually creating a training product on that soon.