I finally figure out how to create my own picture styles.

I finally figure out how to create my own picture styles and now I am playing around with version 1 of each as I take more baby steps to figuring this color thing out.

To Download the picture styles: (right click and “save link as”) Also I am already moving to version two after I have try some color grading so you might want to wait on downloading them.

[deleted them because they were not useful]

Marvel picture style


  • I downloaded all the styles, but with ‘Dugdale_Land_V1.pf2’, you say it’s for landscape. By this, do you mean it’s specifically for landscape video/photography?

    Thanks for another great video Dave!

  • Dave, I downloaded the first one “dugdale_land_v1.pf2” but when I go to register it in the Canon EOS utility, it is grayed out and not selectable. Also your custom “neutral” picture style isn’t downloadable for some reason. Any insight on why I can’t select your picture style but I can select ones I have done before (Marvels Cinema, Genesis Panalog, Superflat01, Velvia)? I like your style (though I can’t use it) and Phillip Bloom’s “neutral” the best. Thanks for all you do, Dave!

  • Hi mate! I download some pic style to my 550D,like marvel,etc. however they just appear in photomode, in movie mode just got the canon’s one, is it like that? or I’m missing something,
    Great show! keep it up!